Gidge's Love List 4: Even MORE Good Blondes

Everyone’s greatest fear can now be put to rest, see, I really did do Elika.
Elika is a no brainer to me, her textures are amazing and her stylings soft and pretty. She’s on the short list of people that I’ve worn a ton of her colors an never found them lacking. She has a gorgeous range of blonde tones, all of the very natural and not brassy or too bright. She’s especially good with the platinums I think. So cross that one off, yes, I too love Elikatira.

If you are willing to wade through the nightmare that is the Little Heaven build there is some fun an interesting hair to be found. Their blondes tend to lean toward ashy, as in, I have blonde hair but I just walked through a fire and my hair has ash in it. They are also another place that has a short list of blonde tones, however, the few they do are pretty and some of my faves. Plus, I can get hair with arrows and scissors stuck in it, so that’s a win.

Closing out today’s Love List is Fri.Day. Again, they feature soft styling with gorgeously textured blondes that don’t glow or make you go OMG MISS CLAIROL NO!
They remind me remarkably of someone else on this list……..grin. I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin…..

Anyway, that’s three more hairdressers who really know their way around blonde tones.

The skin is LEAGUE Taylor – Teal Makeup and the lingerie is from Somnia – from the CHIC LIMITED event for February. Cute eh?

Next up? For me to know and you to find out! Happy Valentine’s!

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