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I remember the first time I met Indyra Seigo of Indyra Originals and Indy & Co. It was before I was a blogger and I was wandering around outside her store. She was building a new store, if I remember correctly, or landscaping or something. Anyway, she was building and I had not seem someone build before so I lurked about trying to watch and she said hello to me in chat, which totally freaked me out. So we chatted a bit and she offered friendship and I swear, I thought it was the greatest thing. That was back before I learned designers put their pants on one layer at a time just like the rest of us.


Rocking my Indyra Coquette Noir pumps back in paleoprimic era.

I frequented Indyra’s store and bought tons of lingerie, dresses and shoes. I remember particularly loving her lingerie and her Coquette Noir shoes which would be worn out if prims could show wear and tear. They were invisi-prim shoes, remember them? When alphas came along, I was sort of ambivalent. Sure, they’re cool, but what about my Coquette Noir pumps? I have learned to adjust and Indyra continues to produce new shoes with alphas and mesh that are completely up to date, but it still gave me a pang to delete those old beloved shoes.



Indyra Seigo by Indyra Seigo

It’s Only Fashion: What was your first day in Second Life like? What made you stick it out through the learning curve?
India Seigo: My first day in Second Life was planned and mission based. I knew before I made an avie that I’d be running a fashion store because a family member, who was already on SL for about 6 months, suggested that I join for the purpose of making extra income. You see, I was on maternity leave from my creative job in the real world and being a new mom made me want to find a way to work from home. I thought, everybody else seems to be making money in SL, why can’t I?

In 2006, the learning curve wasn’t as rough as it is today. Still, it took several days to get used to the navigation and camera controls. Battling simulator sickness (that is actually the official term given for motion sickness caused by a navigating a 3D environment LOL) was an uphill battle, but one look at that baby girl in her bassinet made me work through it. No way was I going back to a 9 to 5.

IOF: What’s the craziest thing you ever did in Second Life? Most exciting? Silliest?

IS: The most exciting thing I did in Second Life was taking part in a “celebrity designer” fashion benefit hosted by BOSL (Best of SL) for Relay For Life in 2009. 100% of the proceeds of one-of-a-kind designs were going to charity. I was excited and nervous because this was my very first formal gown and I had no idea how it was going to be received. Not only that, I was surrounded by the most amazing and proven creators of SL and I didn’t know anyone there and felt like a total newb. Imagine my surprise when my first formal gown auctioned off at nearly 70k. I thought wow. This is it. I’ve officially arrived.


Designers terrorizing BOSL by Indyra Seigo

The craziest and silliest things also happened on the BOSL sim. Me and a group of normally civilized high fashion designers put on alien beast avatars and proceeded to stampede and trample the main thoroughfare at BOSL. Peep the photo evidence. From left to right: myself, Ashoka Eales of Phoenix Rising, Accountant Adzebills of Sugarsmack Hair, Rubystarlight Writer of Exposeur Poses & creative genius behind Hottie Cooterati, and Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix and Loft collaborator. Yeah. That happened. LOL

IOF: When did you begin creating? What was the first thing you made. Did you save it? Did it work?

IS: I began creating summer of 2006, the first thing I made was a house. No, yes it worked, but for the love of God, No. I did not save it.

{Indyra} logo1024x1024 IOF: How did you choose your store name? Does it have a special meaning for you? If your stores is named after yourself, how did you go about choosing your avatar name?

IS: I named my avatar after the actress I was completely enamored with at the time, Indira Varma. I named my store after my avatar because I wanted it to be original and so Indyra Originals was born. I’ve since dropped the “Originals” and simply go by {Indyra}. I didn’t do it to be fancy, the plain truth is, my product and vendor names were getting to be a pain to type 😀

IOF: What is the most challenging part of being a creator in Second Life? What is most rewarding?

IS: I find that the most challenging part of being a creator in SL is staying on top of what people want and love. I found that I can’t just create whatever pops in my head.  It has to fit certain parameters in order to be successful and a top selling design. There’s a formula. It’s painstaking at some points and is why I stick to what I know the most about. Some nights I’m up in the A.M. until I nail it.

{Indyra} Heist colors

Heist – a recent release by Indyra Seigo

IOF: Where do you get inspiration for your designs? What is your process like?

IS:For me, inspiration comes from a lot of places but I focus on current trends and global street fashion. Every once in a while I’ll deviate from that and make some classic retro formal but my main focus is ready-to-wear casuals. My family sends me web photos of things they think would inspire me too from time to time.

After I know where I’m going with a design, it’s off to the drawing board. My tools are pencil and paper, large format digital graphics tablet and stylus, Photoshop and Maya.

I map out my design, build whatever mesh components I need, select the model & styling, shoot the outfit, design the editorial layout. I end if all with an aggressive social media campaign to get the word out and hope for a good turnout.

{Indyra} Vicereine

Vicereine by Indyra Seigo

IOF: How do your first and second life design aesthetics resemble and contrast with each other? How would you describe your design aesthetic? Who is your customer – the person you are thinking of when you design?

IS: My first and second life design aesthetics are the same. I surround myself with French, urban, vintage, casual glam in my home and on in my closet! My little girl, (now 9 years old) has even chosen what she describes as “Animals in Paris,” theme for her bedroom and bathroom and her bff is her black Toy Poodle LOL. Fleur de Lis, black and white prints, Tiffany blue, hot pink and animal print everywhere. My poor husband.


Indyra’s Dandridge by Cajsa Lilliehook

IOF: One of the challenges of creating is Second Life is dealing with IP theft and the DMCA process. Many of those problems are due to flaws in the DMCA legislation itself. What changes within the control of Linden Labs that you would like to see?

IS: I don’t know what LL is able or willing about the process being so cumbersome, but it would be awesome if they didn’t make it easier to steal content than it is to recover it. As it stands, I have to report a violation that concerns 15 of my products. 3 designs and 5 colors in each, so that means, 15 separate DMCA motions that have to be documented and faxed off to California. It would be awesome if they had a dedicated takedown team who could respond to reports of stolen content by a phone call and photo proof.


Photo by Cindy Gedenspire – wearing Indyra sundress and tote

IOF: How has your second life changed your first life?

IS: My second life has changed my first life by allowing me to become the stay-at-home mom I always wanted to be while becoming financially independent at the same time. I have more time at home and I love to be available for my family.


IOF: Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

IS: I would just like to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement and on going support of {Indyra} as a brand. Some of you have been with me since 2006 and without you guys, I wouldn’t be successful. I pride myself on customer service and try my best to provide a positive experience for all. Every blue moon, I cross paths with mean spirited individuals who would even find fault in a rose. I’m not here for those people. I’m here for everyone else.

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