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A Trip Around the World

Can I just say I love, love, love the themes of this year’s Relay for Life Clothing Fair? It was wonderful to travel round the world from New Delhi (shown here) to Paris to London and Tokyo and on to 8 of the world’s great cities. I also liked that the fashions more or less suited the locations. Lots of punk fashions in London, silks and saris in New Delhi, swimwear in Rio and so on. OF course, not all the clothes are location-specific – people often design a wide array within one clothing line. Nonetheless, the subtle changing fashions from sim to sim were wonderful to see.

My outfit came from different stores on different sims, but I thought New Delhi was the perfect place to wear it. It’s a mix of Indyra Originals and INDI Designs and in the folder of items I purchased at the Clothing Fair happened to sit next to each other alphabetically. How fated is that?

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