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Okay, so this jacket is not named Briliant! but it should be. Instead it is named bling though only in the 1st life sense. I assure you there is no bling script adulterating the sheer brilliance of this wild and sexy jacket. It is so brilliantly sexy it motivated me to wear a much shorter than usual miniskirt – one that is pure sex appeal.

Now I do have a nightie like this in RL – but only in SL will you catch me wearing something quite this short out of the house. Still, I love the lines of the lace insets and the figure-flattering way they are placed. This is definitely an eye-catching dress.

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Think of All The FUN I've Missed!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Think of All the Fellas That I HAVEN’T Kissed!

– Santa Baby

This festive sweater from Khush is a great Christmas gift that I’ve unwittingly used to continue our red and black theme! Great minds think alike, I suspect. This is just a quickie tonight as I’m busy busy but wanted to show you this fun piece from a creator that is relatively new to me.

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