Cape Cod Girls

The nautical them of Fleur’s most recent release of Sailor Pants, and striped tube top and v-neck that are perfect worn on top of each other put me in mind of one of those odd albums that was someone’s post Pirates of the Caribbean brainstorm. Called Rogue’s Gallery, it’s an album of contemporary artists singing pirate songs and sea shanties. One includes the unique and unforgettable Cape Cod Girls.

Here you can see the tube top underneath the v-neck gives it a nautical jauntiness. The white canvas shoes from Hoorenbeek are a perfect match in mood, though I doubt Captain Jack Sparrow would have been caught dead in them. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, would love them.

Cape Cod girls don’t use no combs;,
Bound away, bound away!
Combs their hair with cod fish bones.
Bound away for Australia!

Heave her up me bully, bully boys.
Heave her up and don’t ye make no noise,
Bound away for Australia!

Cape Cod cats don’t have no tails,
Lost them all in southeast gales.

Cap Cod girls don’t have no sleds,
Slide down the hills on cod fish heads.

Cape Cod ladies don’t have no frills,
Skinny and light as codfish gills.

Cape Cod folks don’t have to toil,
They get their pep from cod fish oil.

Rockberry made my dreams come true – releasing Uma with freckles. The hair is a new release from the indefatigable Truth Hawks called Isabella – which is really a very piratish name, isn’t it? The jewelry from Violet Voltaire is, I think, very pirately. Those may be nails instead of femurs, but it’s the X that counts, right?

****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: Rockberry Uma Frexkles D
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes:  Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: Truth Isabella
  • Top 1: Fleur Striped Tube Top R
  • Top 2: Fleur Striped V Neck R
  • Pants: Fleur Sailor Pants R
  • Shoes: Hoorenbeek All Star Low Top White
  • Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Violent Heart

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