Epic Beauty

Some store freebies are just astonishing – and the ones from  Kouse’s Sanctum are at the top of that list. This dress, Calliope, named after the oldest and wisest of the muses, blends perfect feminine shaping in the bodice and skirt with the assertiveness of the mythical Calliope in the bold cerise fabric. This is a group gift for Kouse’s sanctum – so beautiful and elegant that it displaced my planned outfit for the day, jumping into line ahead of her turn, just like Calliope would.

This Calliope is versatile as well, the skirt comes in three versions from this slim skirt in the photo to a grand ballroom circle skirt. The sleeves have two lengths in the flowing draperies. The shorter chiffon draping is pictured, but the set includes fuller longer chiffon draping. With such an elegant dress, the simple but lovely Darling hair from Laqroki, though as usual, I have tinted it myself to get it closer to the shade I want.

More photos on my flickr, Style notes after the break.

  • Shape: Custom by Kira Paderborn
  • Skin: Le Chai Ginger – Crush
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
  • Hands: Tintable Model Nails by CW Studios
  • Hair: Darling in Red by Laqroki
  • Dress: Calliope blush from Kouse’s Sanctum
  • Shoes: 24 Kt Gold from Storm Schmooz
  • Jewelry: Caged Starburst by Polygon Fashion House

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