By Cajsa Lilliehook. 

Thursday night I was DJ’ing for a party at our Photo Studio and wanted a hot little outfit for dancing.  I had recently purchased a cute little sundress from SeVan and really wanted to wear that gorgeous yellow print, but wasn’t in the mood for a dress, so I decided to wear the top. I added the oh-so-versatile Shiny Shiny Magic Pants that I can tint to any color and tinted them the blue in the top’s print. They didn’t meet up perfectly so I tossed on one of the sashes from the Fat Pack from Persona. But it looked unfinished to me. Then I remembered this gorgeous shrug jacket from Digit Darkes in bright yellow. No, I didn’t put on the jacket, I just put on the sleeves, making them look like they were part of the SeVan top. Mixing and matching is so much easier in Second Life. Can you imagine doing that in real life? More photos on my flickr

Additional Photo and Style notes after the jump.

Close up





  • Shape: Custom by Kira Paderborn
  • Skin: Eva Este Tropicana by IMAGEN
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
  • Hands: Tintable Model Nails by CW Studios
  • Hair: Unkept by House of Heart
  • Top: Shirt from Veena Dress Yellow by SeVan
  • Sleeves: From Sunflower Dictator Shrug by Digit Darkes
  • Pants: Shiny Shiny Magic Pants by Fashionably Dead
  • Sash: Pink Sash from Persona Sash Fat Pack
  • Shoes: Dalia Cerise by Armidi
  • Jewelry: Kaya in Turquoise by Zaara



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