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Last Day of Chic2 and Only 3 More Days of SL9B


The worst thing about events is that they close and I always feel that I have not seen enough, highlighted enough or done enough to share the great variety of creations at the event. That’s certainly true of Chic2 which closes today and of SL9B. The entertainment ends today but the exhibits will remain until the 27th. You should definitely go exploring and if you’re a freebie hunter, this is prime territory for freebies. Today I am wearing Tare, a new dress released by MiaMai with a summery pop art print in several colors. I chose orange because I picked up some orange shoes at Collabor88 that I wanted to wear.


But first take a look at this gorgeous tree from New Trails. It’s only 100 lindens at the moment – part of the Spruce Up Your Space event. It’s at New Trail right by the landing point. And then there are those logs on the floor with the moss and bracken. They also come with big mushrooms, but I edited them out since they were more fantasy than I wanted for this. It’s from Gallimaufry and free at their SL9B just two parcels down from the Blogger Carnival. There are six poses in the log, but they were laying down and sitting poses that didn’t work with this skirt and the handbag.

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Spam Gets Metaphysical


We get spam. Luckily most just flies right past into a filter, but a few gems get by and then we get to manually trash it. Every once in a while, it’s tempting to let one through. Take this nugget of wisdom we received today:

Indeed, the sound of words can strike more keenly than any modern decoding of them. Without thinking of the meaning, chant the words “cellar door” to yourself.

I am sure the secret of the universe can be found in there somewhere.  So, I will chant “cellar door” while I stand here looking Tres Glam. And no, I am not being vain. My top is from a Tres Blah dress and the pants are from Glam Affair – which makes me Tres Glam, right?

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Lucille Ball Was Right


Pose set, dress and hair can all be found at the Chic² event until June 24th

“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.
The more things you do, the more things you can do.”
Lucille Ball

Lucy could have been talking about Keira Seerose,  who was busily preparing plans for Vintage Fair as Chic², celebrating the second birthday of her Chic Management company opened to eager crowds yesterday.  Yesterday, just a little over a week after the huge fundraising event Culture Shock closed.  With one event after another, she proves again and again that if you want something done, as a busy person to do it.

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Three Events

Are you hungry for mesh? Then you should run, not walk, to faMESHed. And yes, I still privately call it Fame Shed because that’s how we roll here. There’s lots of delights there and with some of the other events going on this weekend. There’s so much going on, that I put together this post with an item or two from three different events.

The dress, however, is even more special because it is not associated with an event. Yes, you get to go to an actual store! I came across Bilo at The Ashraya Project, loved the design aesthetic and the workmanship and went on a mini-spree at the store where I picked up this fabulous dress that combines the fit of system where with the flexibility and finesse of mesh. Instead of the old hated crotch flap, there is a mesh skirt panel that makes the system pants and top into a dress. It’s well done, merging mesh with system pieces so you can’t even see the join except from certain extreme angles and positions.

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