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PXL Linda NAT Gold Lips smoke_001

Vanity Universe Skin Fair got off to a busy start – with a full sim of excited skin shoppers delighting in the new releases and swimming in a sea of demos. PXL Creations newest release for the Fair is Linda Gen3. Hart Larsson released it before the Fair, so many of you may have seen it. I was sick, though, and only got to unpack it until Sunday. I had to blog it even though it’s been blogged several times because it’s such a beautiful and elegant skin. It’s exactly the sort of skin I love, luminous and elegant with many options to allow us to get the exact look we want.

PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips_003

It’s not just the elegant makeups that make me fall in love with PXL Creations skins, it’s the soft and tender sexiness of the body. The tummy and the derriere are delightfully sexy. Special touches are a few stray moles. There’s also a full body tattoo of freckles and cleavage tattoo layers for those who want more uplift.

PXL Linda Dark_002

Here you can see the rainbow of skin tones. One of the reasons that PXL Creations makeups always look so great is that each shadow is tinted for every skin tone – as darker skin tones can wear a brighter color eye shadow and lip color than pale skin tones. Hart Larsson is a meticulous
skinner who tests his skins over and over, painstakingly removing the seams and testing the skins in multiple viewers to be sure they work.

PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips Eyes1
PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips Eyes2
PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips eyes3
PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips eyes4
PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips eye5
There are 15 eye colors, the Bare that is on the skin base and 14 makeup tattoos. As you can see, these are the sort of eye makeup that is practical – usable for day and evening wear. The lip shades are equally practical and beautiful colored.

PXL Linda NAT Rose Lips
Linda Gen3 is the 3rd Generation of this elegant skin. So many of us have old favorite skins that moulder in our inventories because skinmaking has evolved so far in the last few years as more skin designers use 3D programs in addition to PhotoShop to make sure the seams are flawless and to better fit the skin to the mesh. Technological advances in the Second Life® viewer give us more flexibility with multiple layers and the ability to mix and match as never before. It’s a brilliant idea to go back to those fabulous favorites and update them to reflect the designers enhanced skills as well as the technological progress since the original was made.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: Reel Expressions
  • Skin: PXL Creations Linda Generation 3
  • Eyes: Blue Sky
  • Lashes:  Chaisuki
  • Hair: Exile Rochelle
  • Lingerie: Baiastice Soft Transparent
  • Shoes: Shiny Things

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