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Mirror, Mirror on the Floor: A Tutorial


What with Snow White, Snow White and Snow White, it’s about time we had some mirrors in Second Life. It seemed a logical next step after the reflections in the previous tutorial, though I was more in the market for a homey little mirror rather than some grand baroque masterpiece with a talking head. Though, that makes me wonder if there were a talking head on a prim just under the water…

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Gidge shared a list of censor bait from her workplace IT staff yesterday. It’s a long, long, long list of words that will alert the censor sharks to eat emails and make them disappear. There’s a number I have never heard of. In fact, Google® has never heard of “blue vein nose flute” either. Oddly, the word “girls” made the list. Even in naughty e-mails, it’s not the word “girls” that’s naughty, but the surrounding words. The list made me think of my mother who was a fierce and hyper-competitive Scrabble® player. She kept a notebook with the game score of every game she played with people and calculated handicaps so whether the player was a novice or an expert, the game should be a close one. She played to win, which meant that no one should have been shocked to see her use the word “fuck” while playing with the pastor of the Baptist Church. But we were.


No obscenities were harmed in the creation of these photos, though I wonder if any of the designers swore a bit. Whenever I admire the fine detail work in jewelry such as this lovely set from Kunglers, I imagine manipulating those teeny tiny prims and recall how sometimes my cursor slips and prims start flying off into the wide, wide world and feel certain that some words from Gidge’s list might get taken out for a walk. Incidentally, I used no poses in this shoot – because the Baiastice skirt comes with its own AO and thought you might like to see what it does. I am not fond of skirts with AO’s myself – and it’s a simple thing to remove the AO if you’re like me and prefer your own AO, even if you do put your hands in your skirt once in awhile. However, if you want to be sure that your hands are where they should be, the AO will keep your hands where they belong.
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