Elf Tuesday – Surf Couture

Everyone has shopping habits or their own approach to shopping.  Myself, I love finding a deal, and then discovering the other items in the store.  Which is how todays outfit came to be.
So it started with the Boots, a great deal offered at Fifty Linden Friday.. They were definetly last week’s *MUST HAVE*

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As I glanced around the store, this top in the most delish color of burnt orange caught my eye.  Well lots of orange caught my eye, but I tried, for a change to show some restraint.  Right under it was the skirt, in a rainbow of color options, but I played it safe and stuck with the Orangery one, because, well, thats how I roll.

And nothing goes better with burnty orange than red hair and LOTSA freckles!!  Actually Freckles go with everything so, C’est Voila.. Elf is ready for a romp in the forest. (the word romp makes me giggle, I think its bcuz it I think romp rump)

Style Notes: 

Poses from <<gesticulate>>

Hair: Mary from Zero Style

Eyes: Stella from Glam Affair

Skin: Sophie from Mynerva with freckle layer also from Mynerva

Socks: Striped Socks w Suspenders from Pig

Necklace: “Siren” from Sigma

Sweater: “Changeing Leaves Sweater” from Surf Couture

Skirt: “Summers of Stripes” from Surf Couture

Boots: “Olea Boots” from Surf Courture (last weeks FLF)

Location:  Embryo

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