Hair Fair Short Hair

I decided to sort the hair by style and show them to you in groups of short, long, updos and so on. This first post shows you some of the short hair at Hair Fair. I actually got several more short hair styles but they were men’s styles and I thought I would rather show you that as a group. Some of these I tinted to get closer to the red I prefer.

There are individual photos highlighting each single hair in the Flickr Photo set.

****STYLE NOTES******
Skin: Blowpop Elizabeth
All hairs from Hair Fair 2009

  • Aitui
  • Curio
  • Diversity Hair
  • Fashionably Dead
  • Flavor Girls
  • GoldieLocks
  • House of Heart
  • Ingenue
  • JE*Republic
  • Katey’s
  • Magika
  • Mela’s
  • Miau Haus
  • Nodoka
  • The GL
  • Vignette

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