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Be like a peacock and dance with all your beauty

Be like a peacock and dance with all of your beauty.

Peacocks are glorious creatures, peahens are so dowdy by their side. Aren’t we lucky that both the male and the female of our species can, if they choose, be as gaudy as a peacock or as subtle as a peahen? I am going for the gaudy side today with this gloriously embellished butterfly “Glasswings” dress from Reverie for The Arcade.

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Exploring in Style


I went over to Anarchy sim the other day to explore the glorious castle that was built there. It was so lovely on the outside, I decided to stay outdoors, especially since I had the cutest jacket in the metaverse to keep me warm. Do you think I exaggerate? I do not! Look at the peachy cuteness with the perfect little belted bow, the pleating buttons, the pouf of fur collar and the adorable piping. Those are design details that win!

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.08

Gabriel Cherie @ Modavia Fashion Week

I enjoyed the show from Gabriel for Modavia Fashion Week. It featured menswear and womenswear. The womenswear was dominated by sculpted little cocktail dresses like this one in different colors. I have some great jackets from Gabriel, but these new cocktail dresses are a move in a more frivolous direction and I love it.

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Tornado Alley

Second Life has its own version of Tornado Alley @ napoliy  – that marvelous vintage furnishing store. It was the place I thought of when I saw this Karen dress from L’Abel with the lovely print of a miniature on the skirt. The dress, while as modern in form and fabric as can be, is an homage to the past with its use of a 19th century miniature in the print. The subdued earthy colors made me think of the odd light in the air before a tornado that subdues even the most vivid colors.

Napoliy is actually a small parcel that is closed off with large prims of the gathering storm, a perpetually incipient funnel cloud preparing to rampage through the small village. I love the mood of the looming menace – particularly as I know this storm is always about to rage, but never actually does. Having grown up in tornado country and spent many hours in the cellar waiting for the all clear, it’s lovely to be able to experience and recall that awful clarity and silence right before the the roaring train whistle of a tornado.  Just before the tornado sweeps in, even the frogs and crickets silence themselves in anxious anticipation.

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Chocolate Covered Secrets

Life is sweet at Cafe Gourmand.

Gidge and I were hanging out at Crimson Rezzable the other night. We had popped over to check out the Lucky Chair and noticed there was a flag hunt going on – continues through Sunday – and then just chatting while waiting for things to rez. All of a sudden I spied with my little eye this dress from lurvebite that had me squeeing with glee. It looks like Chocolate Covered Cherries. I nearly danced the dress please me so. Clearly I had to get it. Then I thought it would be fun to shoot it with some of the luscious pastries from Cafe Gourmand, our friend Cezare Blanco’s new store. I  tp’ed him over to the blogging headquarters to rez me some pastries.  He arranged them artfully and even included the magnificent cake he made for for Polaire and his wedding. After shooting this snap I had to log off to eat. Continue reading

The Boots…oh, the boots

It’s late and I have been processing photos for what seems like forever, so this will be quick. Looking for a hot little black dress, I pulled out Sensation from Vanity Affair, but sadly as soon as I did, I remembered why I didn’t wear it. The prim skirt is no-mod and was just too big for every shape I tried. Possibly it is supposed to sit well away from the hips, but that’s not what i wanted. Nonetheless, I like the full body stocking of discreet glitter and the sweeping lines of the bodice and back. So…Leeza Baxter to the rescue with her BlackFur skirt. I tossed the skirt prim on and voila!!! You know, every woman needs one full, poufy, hide every problem skirt whether BlackFur from LBD,  or one of the net pouf skirts from Aleri Darkes, Zen or Biana F.  They can save many an outfit whose prims don’t cooperate. More photos are on my Flickr.

But it’s the boots…

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