Tornado Alley

Second Life has its own version of Tornado Alley @ napoliy  – that marvelous vintage furnishing store. It was the place I thought of when I saw this Karen dress from L’Abel with the lovely print of a miniature on the skirt. The dress, while as modern in form and fabric as can be, is an homage to the past with its use of a 19th century miniature in the print. The subdued earthy colors made me think of the odd light in the air before a tornado that subdues even the most vivid colors.

Napoliy is actually a small parcel that is closed off with large prims of the gathering storm, a perpetually incipient funnel cloud preparing to rampage through the small village. I love the mood of the looming menace – particularly as I know this storm is always about to rage, but never actually does. Having grown up in tornado country and spent many hours in the cellar waiting for the all clear, it’s lovely to be able to experience and recall that awful clarity and silence right before the the roaring train whistle of a tornado.  Just before the tornado sweeps in, even the frogs and crickets silence themselves in anxious anticipation.

With the dress, I am wearing two-toned pumps from Lelutka – the Pow Pumps in gray and brown and the Elle stockings from League. These stockings are a great investment as they go with so much. Everyone should just get the fatpack and rest assured they have stockings for many, many occasions.

The jewelry is all from Dark Mouse. The Divine Deco necklace is a perfect choice as the art deco design aesthetic of honoring the old within the forms of the modern is a perfect expression of the aesthetic of the dress from L’Abel. The earrings and bangles are from another set – whimsy wood. The hairstyle is from Vanity Hair.

The skin is the incomparable Candy from PXL Creations. This tone is Sunkissed. Hart has been releasing the Candy line since the weekend. Natural and Sunkissed were released first. Then Light Tan. Tan was released yesterday and I believe Pale will be released today. With all the tones released, you should rush over and try out the demos because this is an amazing skin.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Long Awkward Pose
  • Skin: PXL Creations Candy SK SE Bronze R
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Night Forest Medium
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Nails: PXL Creations
  • Hair: Vanity Affair Life
  • Dress: L’Abel Karen Sand R
  • League Ella Stockings
  • Shoes: Lelutka Pow Pimp Gray/Brown
  • Jewelry: Dark Mouse Divine Deco Necklace R, Whimsy Wood Earrings and Bracelets R

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