Hello World & Happy New Year

Nikki Ree's Snow QueenI have thought about offering a fashion blog for some time and the first day of the New Year seemed an appropriate time to do it and what better to start with than the fabulous Nikki Ree gown I work the the Black & White ball @ Vicious last night. 

It’s Snow Queen by Nikki Ree and certainly earned it name. The dress is enhanced with snowflake lace throughout with  the kind of detailed craftsmanship that has made Nikki Ree such a big name in SL fashion.

On my flickr page you can see detail photos of the bodice, sleeves and hemline that will demonstrate how thoroughly Nikki Ree stuck to her snow theme while designing this dress.  

I paired the dress with Adam N Eve’s Incanti shoes in Silver with White Diamonds, Muse’s elegant Dauphine necklace and earrings and a Winter Queen mask from Innovations.     Earring

Funny story about the mask. I knew Innovations has a great collection of masks and popped over there with little time to spare before the party and there was a line. Knowing that I didn’t really need to browse all the masks, I asked the woman at the vendor if she would mind pausing if a white mask came up during her browsing since I was only looking for white. She looked at my dress and said, I know the mask for you and paged back a few to this mask…and she was right, it was  a perfect match with just a subtle hint of the blue-white frostiness that made the Snow Queen dress look so icy. Thanks again, o helpful shopper.

  • Shape: Melli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Amy by RaC
  • Hair: With All My Heart by Bewitched
  • Eyes: Greenish by Simtropia
  • Dress: Snow Queen by Nikki Ree
  • Shoes: Incanti by AdamNEve
  • Jewelery: Dauphine by Muse
  • Mask: Winter Queen by Innovations

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  2. Samara Barzane

    You were beautiful even back then. But I actually started blogging before you do and have less to show for it LOL Happy New Year Cajsa-I’m honored to be your friend <3

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