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Go Big or Go Home

Giz Seom goes big. Look at the size of that print and of those sleeves. That is the hallmark of a designer confident and unafraid to take risks. I love the floral chintz fabric even though in careless hands it could look like a sofa cushion or the remnants of curtains ripped from the windows to make a gown to impress a certain dashing gentleman. But these are not careless hands, so it looks bold, fresh and ready to conquer.
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In case you missed it

may14_004I am pretty sure most of you will have heard that Angelina Jolie had a prophylactic double mastectomy and wrote about her decision in the New York Times today. It took courage to share her medical history, but she did it in hopes that more women might have the knowledge they need to avoid breast cancer.  Sadly, at the moment the genes for that diagnosis are owned by one company which charges a prohibitive and highly inflated fee for the genetic test. The Supreme Court has the opportunity to remedy that soon, but who knows what they will do.  This does relate to my photos because the hair from Exile reminds me of Jolie.
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Sometimes I Feel


The lovely button-front shirt is from Kunglers. The jeans are from The Plastik, they come in more colors and prints than I can count. I suppose the lyric is maudlin, but Mother’s Day is a hard day for me. I miss her every day, but some days are harder than others. 

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
A long ways from home
A long ways from home

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The Suspense Is Killing Me



Whimsy Winx and Sasy Scarborough have been collaborating on photo sets for several months now and I look forward to each new photo set for My Attic at The Deck. This session has closed and the items are in the W.Winx & Flair store at The Deck, so I am still going to show you this great photo set with poses even if it is late. I also have on the new dress from Baiastice, but you will have to wait until I finish changing.

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Pop Cans



Every once in a while you see a designer release a collection that brings them to a new level of excellence and creativity. Shinichi Mathy of Shiki has released just such a breakthrough collection this spring. With textures he developed from the banal elements and detritus of urban life, he has performed an alchemical transformation in to creative gold. For example, the fabric in this dress is inspired by a container filled with empty soda cans, cans seen from the top and the sides as they lay in a pile waiting to be picked up for recycling.
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The break is over….

This is my first fashion post in quite some time. I was super excited when IOF invited me to be a part of their blog and I hope I don’t screw it up.
I came to realize last night that being out of the fashion loop even for a few months makes one feel like a total noob when it comes to shopping, especially for someone who wears mostly just undies. It’s true, ask anyone, I’m always in my roos.
Anyways, I browsed my small inventory for things to work off of and I found nothing so I decided it was time to head to the marketplace. I wanted something kind of fancy/edgy/christmas-y. I think I pulled it off. I found most of the pieces except for the hair and skin off the marketplace.

Hybie is wearing:
House Of London – [PO] Sera Military Jacket – black
::TGIS:: Metallic Strip Sheer Top [Black]
Fashionably Dead – Bambi – Red 3 hair
Dilly Dolls – Prim Lashes 01
Ibanez – Rivendell Eyes- Lagoon and Elemental
ISON – high waisted zipper skirt (black)
[Atomic] Grace Skin – Mistletoe (With Love Hunt 2011)
Slink – Astrid Boots – Red Leather


Shai Delacroix is back in a big way. After taking a short hiatus from designing and producing new clothing, she has released three new pieces in the last month. In contrast to the bright summery swimsuit and sundress I blogged about the other day, this newest release is all about classical elegance. Reminiscent of Grecian gowns, her new Eleganza is all about elegance in form. The color of the cocoa one made me think of another of the Utopia World Expo sims – Utopia01 – no love.

Utopia01 is a beautiful sim with the rich turquoise landscape. It requires patience as it’s no fly and the walk way appears in front of you as you move through it – so don’t walk to fast or you will fall in the water. To see some other people’s visions of the sim, there’s a nice selection of photos at KoinUp.

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