Taking Lingerie Out of the Closet, Pt. IV

Until Second Life® gives us more clothing layers so we can wear our lingerie under our clothes, we women of SL are kept from experiencing one of RL’s great pleasures in SL – the knowledge that under the paint-spattered overalls, the cook’s apron, the doctor’s scrubs, the power suit our underwear is silky, soft and sexy.  Until then, I guess the best we can do to get a similar joie de lingerie is to drag it out of the closet and wear it so it shows, in this case by pairing a sexy bra with a sheer top.

The bra is a sea green and teal confection from Insolence. The top is one of the shirt layers from a dress from Sheer Stockings – each layer provides more coverage, so to show the most of the bra, I wear only one layer. I added the sea green tiered skirt from Ce Cubic Effect. It’s such a pale celery green it’s nearly white and under the purple neon lights at S.I.C49, it seems more white than green.

My shoes are the Green Goblin cocktail from Pixel Mode. They have the sexiest heels and their coiled shank is pure personality. These are shoes that are made to be  ZOOMed.

I am wearing the super sexy PXL Creations Sunkissed Crys skin that has the most kissable dotting of freckles you will ever see. I went for the pale lip color this time to allow some more attention on the jewelry – an elegant and insanely extravagant set from Elemental Muse. The shoot was done at S.I.C49 and there are many more photos at Flickr.

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Skin:PXL Creations Crys SK: Deep Eyes/Fair Lips
  • Nails: Love Magic Gold
  • Hair: Bishwear Toss Me Around Auburn
  • Top: Sheer Shift Assymetrical [sic] Top and glitch panties
  • Bra: Leslie Sea Green Bra by Insolence
  • SkirtL Ce Cubic Effect Tiered Skirt Green
  • Shoes: Pixel Mode Cocktails: Green Goblin
  • Jewelry: EM Midnight Fire
  • Location: S.I.C49 http://slurl.com/secondlife/sick/116/192/28
  • Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook, MDR Photo Studio

Statements regarding PXL Creations Content Theft Allegation: From Laqroki From PXL Creations
There has been no DCMA filed.

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