There’s an Angel…

Hello, everyone, and welcome back  🙂
After the big migration I’m back to blogging and I thought I’d start by showing you something absolutely gorgeous:

Symphony of Emotions

Angel from Ladies who Lunch is one of the most fabulous dresses I have ever worn in this Second Life of mine. It’s made of feathers but it might be rather reductive to call it a feather dress, in my humble opinion. It’s a mix of avant-garde, fantasy, romanticism, beauty. It puts a smile on my face, it makes me dream. I really enjoy wearing it. I think the name Angel fits this dress perfectly and not because it’s white, don’t you agree, Cajsa? 😉 It comes in various awesome colours and I chose it in white just because I was in a “white look” mood.

See the beauty?


You can decide to wear the dress in different ways, you can add all the attachments or just some of them, the neck bow comes in six colours and, most of all, part of the dress is mesh.

At The Dark Side

The skin is Milena from Mynerva, in my last post here I wrote I was waiting for it to be officially released. It’s so beautiful.

Flyin' away

They will see us waving from such great heights,
“come down now “, they’ll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
come down now “, but we’ll stay…

There are two people I want to thank. One is Dafne Watanabe. I saw this picture on Flickr which literally made me fall for the dress, so I asked Dafne where it was from and she kindly gave me all the infos I needed. Thank you, Dafne, you’re such a cutie 🙂
The other person is Cajsa Lilliehook. While wearing the Angel dress, I was exploring SL and looking for new places to shoot. Then Cajsa IM’ed me asking if I wanted to see a beautiful place. That’s The Dark Side by Anley Piers, where I took the snapshots, a place that left me speechless. Thank you, Cajsa, you rock! 😉



  • Dress: Ladies who Lunch – Angel – White
  • Skin: MynervaMilena Pure – 2 English Rose
  • Hair: [elikatira]Later – Midnight Blacks
  • Poses: Miamai – from InMutatio and Strategies sets
  • Location: The Dark Side by Anley Piers

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  1. Olela Post author

    I’m glad you like the pics, Anley 🙂 Thank YOU for giving us “The Dark Side”! You’re so talented *_*

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