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Too Much Fun at Fashion Week



I have had a lot of fun watching and lusting for all the fabulous fashions at Fashion Week and will be perched on a comfy chair watching today’s shows, too. If only my budget matched my enthusiasm. I picked up this fabulous swing jacket from Ladies Who Lunch in the Retail section at Fashion Show. It came with flats and a coordinating dress, but I decided to mix it up, adding a swimsuit top from Sn@tch and pants from Goucci.




I stopped by a new-to-me shop the other day and fell in love with the foyer before I even saw one piece of clothing. When you look up Goucci in Search, you teleport into the perfect spot, as though you have just stepped off the elevator. So clever.  That’s where I picked up these adorable pants. Bargain hunters, add Goucci to your list. The clothing is beautifully made and more-than-reasonably priced.  The flat you see are the ones that came in the Fashion Week set from Ladies Who Lunch.  Continue reading

There’s an Angel…

Hello, everyone, and welcome back  🙂
After the big migration I’m back to blogging and I thought I’d start by showing you something absolutely gorgeous:

Symphony of Emotions

Angel from Ladies who Lunch is one of the most fabulous dresses I have ever worn in this Second Life of mine. It’s made of feathers but it might be rather reductive to call it a feather dress, in my humble opinion. It’s a mix of avant-garde, fantasy, romanticism, beauty. It puts a smile on my face, it makes me dream. I really enjoy wearing it. I think the name Angel fits this dress perfectly and not because it’s white, don’t you agree, Cajsa? 😉 It comes in various awesome colours and I chose it in white just because I was in a “white look” mood.

See the beauty?

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.09


I arrived early and settled in for a great runway show at Modavia Fashion Week. Organizers ask the audience to keep their Avatar Rendering Cost under 1500 which can be a challenge when the entire room is full of fashionistas who want to look great. At a fashion show you cannot use some of the options to reduce lag that you can at a fair. For example, if I used my regular strategy of limiting the number of avatars that rez, the models would not rez.
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