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I got 99 problems but hair ain’t one of them…

I made it, I finished the hair fair, it took a few intervals to get through but I did it and I have like WAY too many hairs, more than one gal needs really. But that’s okay right? I’ll use them more than once right? I’ll get dressed up and go places and show off my new hurr right? Ehh, probably not, but they make for great pics!

I noticed a lot of straight , side swooped hairs this year, which are lovely, but how many does one person need of that style? Maybe 5, or 6, I can’t remember. I seriously had to decline buying a few quality hairs simply because the store before them pretty much had the same style and I probably bought it.  Perhaps a few strands were different and set them apart but for the most part that super long, hair flowing down the front on one side and hair flowing down the back  on the other side seems to be the theme this year. Could have been worse, could have been mall bangs.

1st Pic Hair: Tulip – Ashley
2nd Pic Hair: Olive – The Alice
3rd Pic Hair: [MAG] Rough

Additional Items Worn:
~FO*FUN~ wings tattoo
-tresblah- Half Tucked Tee – Off White
-tresblah- Leather Leggings – Black
IKON Ardent Eyes – Chocolate
*League* Skin Erin Fair -Feline

Quick and Dirty – LOTD 9 7 12

I’m doing this before I go to work… so.. found the slacks last night and LOVED them immediately – have to go back and get more…. the top I picked up somewhere along the way and I have to go back and look for more stuff too…. lol… but here ya go.. see what I’m talking about!

LOTD 9 7 12

Shopping list:
Slack: Boom – Miami Linens, graphite
Top: tulip – Halter top, Strawberry Cream
Jewelry: Amorous – Organic
Skin: PXL – Faith, Natural
Hair: Raspberry – Dulcina, Blonde Bliss

Tutorial – Editing Jewelry When You Cannot See It


I love Boom’s fabulous pastel ombre backless tees at Collabor88. The come in all shades of pastel and are as fresh as springtime. Before choosing this jewelry from Bliensen & Maitai, I tried on several other options, a couple of them falling so deep into my torso they were not even visible. This made me think it might be useful to share a few tricks for dealing with that dilemma.

There are a few options, some people try to cam inside the body and select the jewelry. I find that so frustrating because sometimes I can see the prim to select and SL will not let me select it because there’s another prim in the way. I used to go to edit mode and make my shape short, raise the necklace over my head and then restore my shape again. Not my favorite options. There are easier ways to do it.

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Greetings from LaPerla!

Hiya! 🙂

While visiting LaPerla – old Italy, a beautiful sim that is a tribute to the real-world Tropea in southern Italy, I decided to take a few shots to show you both the place and the lovely items I was wearing.

Greetings from LaPerla!

The cute top is from tulip. and is available at The Fashion Garret. It’s really well done and can be worn with or without the bolero, it’s cool either way.

I suggest you check out the other offerings from this new TFG collection, there’s awesome stuff!

The kitty cat and me :)

Do you recognize the necklace? One of the best MIEL creations ever, in my humble opinion. Even the kitty cat posing in the pic with me loved it 😀

I purchased it two weeks ago, as it was out for the Fifty Linden Friday, I guess it’s available in store now. It can be personalized using a fantastic hud that allows you to compose your name or whatever you want. Also, it’s scripted to change textures in 4 unique color sets and resize.

There’s also a matching bracelet, that I’m not wearing in the pic, with the same features.

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This orangeous look of mine :D

First came the shoes.

My lovely wedges
These adorable wedges shoes from ANEXX immediately caught my attention when I first visited the Shoe Fair. It’s the famous StrapWedgeBootee model in an exclusive and super-cute mix of colors: a percentage of sales will be donated to the Soles4Souls charity.

I decided to create a whole look starting from those shoes and here’s what came out:
Orangeous Look

Like it?
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