Musashi Do Creates a Perfect Coat

posted by Gidge Uriza

Not since Edith Head dressed Lucy have I seen a coat that made me ooo so very deeply. Don’t know who Edith Head was? GASP. HAND ME YOUR FASHIONISTA CARD RIGHT NOW YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE FASHION MAFIA!

Blasphemy. Look it up. Seriously.

Ok ok ok ok ok. I’ll sum up. Edith Head was a designer in days of Yore (not GOR! Yore!) who was charged with creating all of the clothes for I LOVE LUCY. Her task to create clothing that was feminine yet fashionable – however she had to keep the clothing CONSERVATIVE enough not to alienate the audience that the I LOVE LUCY SHOW catered to.  Seriously, conservative AND fashionable? How cruel a charge was that? One of the trademarks of Edith Head design is that she almost always created Lucy MATCHING coats and dresses. It was a subtle elegance that didn’t SCREAM overt fancy at the audience but set Lucy apart from the “every-woman” look.

They made Ethel dress like that. Poor Ethel.

This coat from Musashi Do screamed WEAR ME as soon as I saw it came in Pink – I think Shiryu knows my girl girl side because this is a delicious color of  houndstooth and VERY unusual. And now he needs to make the matching dress.  🙂 He may name it Gidge. HAHAH (just kidding).

Oh and just a note, I’m not completely crazy. I know that it’s tough to see the tights and shoes – I really wanted this dress to POP which is why I chose such a dark background. If you CAN see the uber cute tights  they were a hunt gift from Unzipped and now I have to get over there to see what else she has that rocks so much! These are precious!

OMG I amnot wearing prim lashes. PLEASE DON’T TELL GOGO!

Style Notes

Bold R Indicates a Review Item

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL Creations – July – Natural Tone – Spring Wine
  • Hair – Truth – I forget the name, you know you want it.
  • Dress – Musashi – Do – December Warmth – Pink
  • Tights – Unzipped – hunt gift
  • Shoes – Tesla – Shiny Felicity – Black
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Fields

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  1. Quaintly Tuqiri

    *laughs at the “Don’t tell Gogo”*

    I blogged a skin some time ago and said something similar: “I know Gogo won’t take me seriously coz I’m not wearing prim lashes, but that’s just too bad :P”

    Poor Gogo *giggles*

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