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Blue Christmas


Donna Flora released some beautiful gowns before Christmas that may have stuffed a few stockings since they were transferable. The gowns are called Faith and come in five fabulous colors. This one is Argentina – with its splashes of silver.

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Malice Aforethought


This fabulously hot new gown from MiaMai is just a small part of her InMutatio collection that was released Saturday with an extravaganza that people are still talking about. This collection is Monica Outlander’s most exciting to date and there are options for fashionistas of all stripes. For the more sedate, there are two gowns, this Malice gown and its counterpart in ivory called Pure.


I wanted a setting that suited the powerful design in this dress so I headed off to Zone where the giants walk.
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I'm Very Limber

posted by Gidge Uriza

A good friend of mine recently told me about the low lights of their day at work, which included someone describing the qualities of their shite over the phone.

This only amused me endlessly, because for 10 years I worked in a phone room in various capacities……and because we dealt with women’s fashion we often got some nutters calling in. Continue reading

Lady Chivalry Just Needed Hair Bows

posted by Gidge Uriza

 Micah Kanto of Modern Gypsy was good enough to give me his gorgeous Lady Chivalry sheath dress for blogging but I’ve been sitting on it for a while.  I just wanted something for it and couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t like any of the hair I was trying on and a dress this simple and elegant had to have the right touch. Continue reading