21Shoe for You And You and You

It’s that time again and 21Shoe is less than 24 hour away. There’s a SHAKEUP this month! Ready? You now how 48 hours to shop girls!  That’s right! You know how you think you’ll log in on Sunday and pick up this or that and then life happens and you don’t get to log in? Well good news, the shoes you want will just be a click away STILL on Monday morning! There is  a wide range of styles available this round, something for everyone. Of course, you probably need them all. Just saying.

Koikoia pictured above, brings it for all of your high feet. If you have  some different high feet I dunno wtf they are. These are classic and gorgeous. 

Ingenue has a classic look for the big three. These are for mid feet. Most styles this round are for high.

As always, I love anything from Ingenue.

ChicChica brings us to fun denim blue looks. A casual sandal…

And a heel for maybe a cute short denim dress or skirt?  It’s up to you! The heel has a cute pattern – reminds me of printed jeans.

Essenz has the same shoe in different colors for Slink and Maitreya. It gives you a nice versatility for a fun summer sandal. These would be adorable with a solid color sundress.

House of Rain has two different colors of sandal, very delicate and pretty tones of blue and lilac. I would probably elect to wear these with something a little more elegant. They’re lovely.

Don’t wear no stinkin feet? Well I’ve got the boots for you. Eclectica has released some steampunk inspired boots in two different colors this around.  You can safely go stomping around the Wastelands and not worry about getting shards of whatnot in your feet.

Mostly because you won’t be wearing feet. But – you get the idea.

You can see the entire catalog for this round and grab the slurls to travel to the shops HERE.

That’s all for me today! Happy 21Shoe Shopping

*All Pedicures by Alaska Metro

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