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Quietude 2


When I was wearing that gorgeous purple dress yesterday, I thought this fabulously chic coat that will soon be released by Drift would go so well with it. Certainly, I would wear the two together in a heart beat. The pumpkin of the coat is complementary to the wine in the dress and they would be a natural color combination. Alas, even pairing a large coat with a XS dress, parts of the dress came through in the back and in the elbows. Sure, I could shoot pictures with straight arms facing forward, hiding those flaws, but then as soon as you wore, you would know that the pics were misleading. So the coat needs to be worn with system clothing – a good reason to save the best of your system clothes despite the switch to mesh.

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My downstairs neighbor is up to something! I don’t know what but it involves implements of sonic torture — hammers, electric drills and power saws. I tried to distract myself with television and music, but if noise is what’s bothering you, more noise will not cancel it out. It just creates a cacophonous clash where the beauty of the music and the thread of the story are lost. I held my cat for awhile, his upper body resting on my shoulder sheltering one ear with the comfort of his purring, but the electric drill sent him scurrying to hide in the closet. I finally decided to log into Second Life® and shoot some pictures. I had picked up this gorgeous leather dress from MichaMi at The Dressing Room and needed to get it in the can. Because I wanted to shoot it with a coat, I wanted to find a fall sim and checked out Izzie’s – and that is where the magic happened.

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