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Dat Ass Tho

The corset and stocking/shoe gacha from Azuri at the Arcade is a perfect way to start your day if you’re feeling like admiring your own ass, which I am.

I really do like simple, but nicely made corsets in SL and they’re hard to come by. A corset is a hardworking piece of foundation – it’s not romp about lingerie. It’s made with BONING (snark) which makes it impossible to breathe, and is cinched up tight to create that hourglass look. It restrains your fat (if you have it), it crushes your organs, it demands conformity along the lines of it’s own design.

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Jazz Nights


The little town of May’s Landing alongside The Chamber Society is a beautiful 1920s social club, one on the risqué side of town. 

Collabor88 is celebrating its second anniversary with a huge showcase – two stories featuring all the regulars and all the guests from the past year. It is the biggest Collabor88 showcase yet and best of all, it features the clothing from one of my favorite fashion eras, the 1920s. I first fell in love with the 1920s during my summer visits to my great aunt who was kindly called “a character.” She had been good friends with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and she and her husband partied with them at their apartment on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. However, time moved on and they and she did not.


This lovely dress from The Secret Store is materials ready – and so lustrous in the moonlight.

How could a child not adore her, this 70-something woman dressed in rich, beaded and embroidered flapper gowns and gold and silver encrusted pumps with her hennaed hair in a bob with a flower on the side. She told wonderful stories of that era. Stories of speakeasies, parties and jazz. She taught me songs, dances and filled my head with stories of their parties, of meeting Charles Lindbergh before he disgraced himself, of Louis Tiffany and of course, Scott and Zelda. She loved that era and never left it. Yes, she was a few bubbles off plumb and probably looked ridiculous dressing in fashions sixty years out of time, but for a child – she was incomparable. Besides, she was family and families love their odd ducks.  Continue reading

Reflections, Not Resolutions


Chic is the word for this Drift jacket. You can see its lineage in the glorious history of Chanel with its short-cropped waist, it’s beautifully tailored fit and the rich wool fabric. The skirt, from CIA Designs, is beautifully made. With its relatively high waist, it will work well with all sorts of tops and jackets. For the With Love Hunt, it is only 10L and comes in red, brown and blue. It is one of the can’t miss hunt items. Make yourself comfortable and you should find it. 

New Year’s Eve has never been a big holiday in my family. Most of the day was spent cleaning and preparing for New Year’s Day which was much more important. We always had a sparkling clean house and a feast on New Year’s, honoring a folk tradition that what you experience on New Year’s Day is the harbinger of the coming year. Well, one thing you would not want on New Year’s Day is a hangover! We didn’t make resolutions either. This was probably more the influence of my mother more than any tradition. She always said that if you plan to do something, just do it. If it’s important enough to do, it’s too important to delay until the new year. What we did do, though, is look back at the year and appreciate our good fortune.

Those traditions continue. I have been cleaning today. I am having a New Year’s dinner party tomorrow. And I have been looking back at 2012 and appreciating my good fortune.

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Pycho Snowman


So I am looking forward to the new Doctor Who Christmas Special tomorrow. It’t called the Snowmen and while I have very little idea what it’s about, it’s quite likely it will have scary snowmen. But will they be this scary? Of course, I would happily face this psycho snowman if it meant traveling space and time with the Doctor and enjoying a timey-wimey universe. The top is from Tameless – a find on Marketplace – however it’s not standard sized and I had to reduce my butt a bit because there was one tiny spot that peeked through. All the photos for this post are raw, unedited pics from Second Life. I used a projector and got that grainy texture using RenderSSAOFactor in the Debug menu.

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