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Hell Bent on Seduction

That’s what this outfit says to me. It’s a conglomeration from several pieces. The top is from a House of Nyla dress, the skirt from Handrawn Machine. the gloves from a PixelDolls dress and the socks from Reasonable Desires.  The idea is not to encourage you to necessarily buy every single piece but to start thinking of dresses as potential separates and accessories as well. For example, I have a gloves folder in my accessories folder and when gloves are included in an outfit, I copy and paste a copy into my gloves folder so I have more glove options available.

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Blue Blooded Fashion

Has anyone else noticed a recent surge in the creativity and in the sheer volume of clothing releases lately? There’s always a massive number of new releases week in and week out – but this week the volume seems to have surged and even better, some of them are just so exciting and fun.  Now, dear readers, you all know I am Girlie Girl, not a Gothie Girl, but some Goth designs are just irresistibly feminie and cute and I cannot resist. That’s certainly true of this lovely teal dress from Blue Blood.

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Epilogue to Through the Looking Glass

Blue Blood’s Surrealia is a limited edition and will be not be available after February 2nd. Don’t be like the White Rabbit and miss this opportunity for this lovely limited edition.

A boat, beneath a sunny sky
Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July —

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Mixing it up a bit

Sometimes outfits are so complete and create such a statement that we don’t think about trying to mix them up with other clothes. They have such a strong look as they are. This sometimes makes frugal shoppers think twice about buying since they believe they will only get one look, but I would submit that if the clothing makes a strong statement as a whole, its parts will be strong as well and can be mashed up with other outfits. For example, here we have Mina from Blue Blood where I have switched out the skirt for a more casual look.

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