When the Kungler sisters recently sent promotional copies of their two newest dresses Alfa and Zeta – my mind went to the alphabet – as in A to Z – and thought how clever, they sent everything from A to Z. And that’s true, but then I remembered that in the Greek alphabet everything would be from Alpha to Omega and Zeta is actually only the 6th letter. I guess it was not a pun after all. Still, I like the name. Besides, Z is a funky letter, the bane or the blessing of Scrabble players everywhere, depending on whether they are fanatical like my mother was. She memorized all the words ending and starting with Z. She also memorized every Q word that didn’t need a U. Like I said, fanatical.  She kept a notebook with the final score of all games – to establish a handicapping system so that every game was competitive. Is it bragging to say I had to spot her? I didn’t memorize any special words, my ploy was lots of two letter or three letter words that double counted many ways. It irked her so much that I would get more points with axe than she would with ziggurat, which begins with Z and brings up back to Zeta – a gorgeous dress that I had to show you.

Zeta was released in three colors. In addition to this rich black and topaz, there is also a brown and gold and a white and silver dress.  The rich teal color in the bodice of this one drew me the most. The dress is perfect for cocktails with its full lace skirt and its fan-pleated satin bodice. There is a glitch shirt underneath that very cleverly suggests the shadow of the bodice with a soft feathering fade from black to transparent. When I saw the rich blue, I remembered these shoes I got last year from AW Design, black with cerulean heels and platforms. The shape is modern and really suits the contemporary style of the dress.

The turquoise jewelry from Ganked is a great match. Turquoise is a trickier stone than many others to use in achieving a very contemporary style. Its associations with ethnic  jewelry and hippie chic can give even modern settings a bohemian rather than fashion forward vibe. Not to worry, Ganked is nothing if not fashion forward and in such sure hands, this set is modern as can be.  The hair from EMO-tions  is called Stormy and is a thoroughly modern updo that is an entire alphabet of hotness.

Speaking about alphabets of hotness, if you haven’t been hiding in a cave in Tora Bora, you probably have seen the new Tuli Sayuri skin, but just in case you have been spelunking here it is and here’s its very own A to Z

  • A as in Awesome
  • B as in Beautiful
  • Γ as in Gorgeous (I’m lazy, A to Z is 26, alpha to zeta is only 6.)
  • Δ as in Delicious
  • Ε as in Excellent
  • Z as in Zippy (tough one!)

****STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: EverGlow
  • Skin: Tuli Sayuri Tone 2 Freckles (group gift)
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Night Forest Medium
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: EMO-tions Stormy
  • Dress: Kunglers Couture Zeta R
  • Shoes: AWDesign Sugar N Spice
  • Jewelry: Ganked Arizona

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