Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Sn@tch?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay. I’ve been eyeballing these pants at Sn@tch for a while. But it was only when I realized how great they’d go with the group gift from Pixeldolls shirt that I finally made the jump and went and picked them up.

Now, you’ve seen this shirt. Everyone on planet earth blogged it when it came out.

And it’s a really fun, festive design.

But my thing is, with few exceptions, I don’t blog things just because I just got them. Review items aside, I’m blogging for you WHAT I WEAR. So I’m not just saying “here is some crap in my closet isn’t it cool?” This is actually what I wore one day in SL, and then saved as an outfit. So my inventory becomes a bit of a journal of what I did and where I went.

Which is possibly a bit of a different take on fashion blogging – but it’s how I roll. 🙂

Now the hair. Ladies. Let me start by condemning Cajsa to the hell of 1000 pineapples in the butt   thanking Cajsa for introducing me to Damselfly. I’ve seen her wearing their hair recently, here and there, and of course what did we learn in Silence of the Lambs?

What do we covet? What we see, every day.

So with my coveting in full force I finally strolled over there (clad in Sn@tcheriffic black) to see what was what and mabye buy some new hair.

Good god. I may never stop buying their hair. Ever. I didn’t find a single style I didn’t like and I love their blondes and no this is not a paid endorsement. Now that I think about it. NONE of you should ever shop there. I don’t want us to all look alike. Go somewhere else.  🙂 Kidding kidding kidding.

All teasing aside…..how precious is this hair? It’s called Grayce but I’m calling it

TEXAS PAGEANT HAIR GOES MAINSTREAM! That should be it’s subtitle. It’s beautiful, it’s bouncy, and it’s just so pretty. I may never take it off – until I buy the next style.

And no, I will not dance with you at the prom. Do not look directly at me!!! 🙂

Click Here to see the rest of the Rock Me On the Dais photo session (Cajsa is funny sometimes lol)

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook who apparently has the power to make me look like a freaking goddess.

Oh, and she owns MDR Photo Studios.  🙂

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Peppermint Blue Party Red
  • Eyes – FNKY Purple rain
  • Hair – Damselfly Grayce in Sanddollar blend
  • Top – Pixeldolls Empire Top in black (group gift)
  • Pants – Sn@tch – Latex Pants SNAKE
  • Shoes – Sn@tch – Living Dead Shoes
  • Nails – Bare Rose freebie black nails
  • Pose Animah

4 thoughts on “Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Sn@tch?

  1. jmb

    Well much as I like the outfit, the hair is stunning so I had to go get some for myself, but in red. I tried to buy one of the other styles but you chose the best. Sorry to be a copycat. I must visit there again, the hair was fabulous.
    JMB Balogh in SL.

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    🙂 I think the hair is just amazing, and I totally understand the compulsion to buy it – obviously!

    I’m going back today to buy another style!

    Yay Damselfly!

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