Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

I Am Elated

Well, actually, I am just wearing Elate’s dress, but what the hey. Now, I know this dress has been blogged before. I have seen it at least three times, but…you know, I am not so vain that I think every single person who reads fashion blogs is one of my readers. I am equally certain the other bloggers would never assume they are universally read either. Even the vanity of fashionistas has limits. So if you are someone seeing this for the third time, that’s the downside of dresses as fun as this one.

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I Got The Boogie Fever, I Got To Boogie Down


Posted by Gidge Uriza

I didn’t have any plans for New Years Eve, but when QXI Gears invited me over for an informal get together with friends, I wanted to wear something festive even if it wasn’t a “formal” event. Digit Darkes Nicole dress with it’s bright splashes of color was exactly what I wanted. Continue reading

Another Woman's Dress

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is this really terrible movie, but it has one really memorable scene in it (one of the only that isn’t gratuitous sex), the movie is called Wild Orchid. In it, a female and a male are having this raucous affair – and the male is an old friend of the female’s boss – who is also a lady. Ok, got the set up?

The guy and the girl come to the point where they say the I <3 You and he says to her something like “I loved you from the first moment I ever saw you, wearing another woman’s dress.” Continue reading

I could have danced all night…and I did

New Year’s Eve was a night for dancing and just as I always do when I dress for dancing, I thought about how the clothes would look while shimmying and shaking across the floor.  For that reason, I seldom wear system skirts for dancings as the distorted textures when you dance can so ruin the line of a dress. This also makes me wary of sculpties that flap around like broken wings on a baby bird. But flexis aren’t necessarily the solution as they can look like a tornado swirling round the floor.  Of course, we all understand the limitations of clothing and forgive our dancing foibles…but I am always on the look for a great dance dress. This lovely white Alaska dress from Kunglers is ideal.

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