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I Am Elated

Well, actually, I am just wearing Elate’s dress, but what the hey. Now, I know this dress has been blogged before. I have seen it at least three times, but…you know, I am not so vain that I think every single person who reads fashion blogs is one of my readers. I am equally certain the other bloggers would never assume they are universally read either. Even the vanity of fashionistas has limits. So if you are someone seeing this for the third time, that’s the downside of dresses as fun as this one.

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Christmas Quickie #5

As Christmas draws to a close and we head toward New Year’s, there will be a lot of holiday parties looking toward the coming year. Perhaps a traditional Black & White ball on New Year’s Eve?   If so, this is a lovely dress for that, simple and seasonal, with understated elegance. It’s from Pretty Magic and is wisely sold separately from the witch hat and cape that goes with it.

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Don't Tell Mama

Aemilia Case lifted me out of my pity party at being snowed in and unable to spend Christmas with friends as planned by asking for volunteers for a photo shoot. Considering I had been actually contemplating watching an NCIS marathon, I jumped at the chance to be on the other side of the camera. For the shoot I was given this Mein Herr outfit by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai that she is releasing today.

Yes, Sally Bowles!!! and to make it even more fun, all of us were posing on the cabaret chairs made by Luth Brodie of Reel Expression. She will be releasing two 12-pose chairs and 12 standing poses so all of us can release our inner Sally and strut the stage and was kind enough to gift all of us posers with a set.

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