I Got The Boogie Fever, I Got To Boogie Down


Posted by Gidge Uriza

I didn’t have any plans for New Years Eve, but when QXI Gears invited me over for an informal get together with friends, I wanted to wear something festive even if it wasn’t a “formal” event. Digit Darkes Nicole dress with it’s bright splashes of color was exactly what I wanted.

Shes a Brick, House

She's a Brick, House

I was morally obliged to wear the new MARGE necklace from Uncle Wiggly (get it – Marge?!?!) with it, it was such a great color match. And with such a sassy look I wanted a skin that had some sass. PXL Crys clearly fit the bill.

Beautiful PXL Crys - Raspberry Lips, Cat Eyes with freckles

Beautiful PXL Crys - Raspberry Lips, Cat Eyes with freckles

This was the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit for a casual night of dancing………until Harper Gainesvoort called and invited us to Frank’s Elite VIP room………..but you have to wait for that outfit!

More Pics here

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Collette’s Femme Fatale 2
  • Skin – PXL CRYS – Raspberry Lips, Cat Eyes with Freckles
  • Dress and Shoes – Digit Darkes – NICOLE with Shoes
  • Necklace – Uncle Wiggly’s MARGE necklace
  • Hair – Laqroki – PRISS – Sunkissed

3 thoughts on “I Got The Boogie Fever, I Got To Boogie Down

  1. uncle wiggily

    omg i’m so happy you blogged this! i’d relegated the triple marge necklace dollarbie to my obscure finds flea market stall in retrology, but since you made this post, i’ve put the box out in all my stores inworld for the time being! (i put a slurl in the link for this comment so your readers can click and pick it up.)
    loved seeing the amazing dress you paired it with,
    esme michigan

  2. Harper

    Oooh, I didn’t know you were occupied already! But I’m glad you came anyway, and QXI and Co. as well! As it worked out, I guess you could have worn that as well to the Elites; sounds like the dress code was looser that I thought, for the night at least. A smashing dress, too.

  3. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Ok I totally FOUND it at Retrology and had a D’oh Moment – like WHY have I never SEEN this before? It’s excellent!
    I adore it, I’ll be wearing it more!

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