Another Woman's Dress

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is this really terrible movie, but it has one really memorable scene in it (one of the only that isn’t gratuitous sex), the movie is called Wild Orchid. In it, a female and a male are having this raucous affair – and the male is an old friend of the female’s boss – who is also a lady. Ok, got the set up?

The guy and the girl come to the point where they say the I <3 You and he says to her something like “I loved you from the first moment I ever saw you, wearing another woman’s dress.”

She looks up and says “How did you know it was my bosses dress?”

He says, “Because I bought it for her.”

Sort of a sick, “I’m sending you this woman as a gift wrapped up in the dress you bought me”, sort of a moment. Powerful, full of meaning – that scene is truly one of the only redeeming moments in the film.

I was brought to mind of it, when Cajsa gave me this dress – it was just too beautiful not to wear out, and that means that then it goes on the blog……and well -Ah. Tres Jolie. This is the second time that this dress has appeared on this blog. Why? Because it’s THAT freaking awesome, that’s why.

So here I am, all wrapped up like a present for you – a reminder if you will.

The Dress is truly exceptional, wearable high end fashion that is appropriate and doesn’t make you look like some insane fashionista begging for attention.

As I rolled into Armidi just to buy these shoes (I have been seeking an excuse to get the blue ever since I got the purple Valencia Pumps) I was accosted and followed by several fellow shoppers. All of them asking where I had bought such an amazing dress.

I’d almost call this dress delicious. I’m going to wear the hell out of it, so if you invite me over – expect to see it. 🙂  Paired with the lovely skin from Beauty Avatar, I think it’s a very girly look. (And you know I like that).

Check out Tres Jolie. As I said when I mentioned Sweetaholic in the last post – in SL, you TEND to get what you pay for. Tres Jolie is worth every little linden when you look a the raw beauty of what you are offered.

Click Here to See the entire Photo Shoot of Tres Jolie’s Chou Chou

Fashion Details

***Promotional Copies Noted with an R****

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Beauty Avatar – Melody Skin – Natural 10 *R
  • Hair – Armidi – The Ginza – Honey
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Dress – Tres Jolie’s Chou Chou
  • Shoes – Armidi – Valencia Pumps Fui Fui Turquoise
  • Nails – Symphony Skin – #2 Tintable Nails
  • Lashes – Cybernetic Prim Lashes #1

2 thoughts on “Another Woman's Dress

  1. Annabella Donner

    Yay Gidge! And amen, amen, amen to Tres Jolie is worth every linden. Every time I wear one of her dresses I get “where did you get that?” comments.

    Catching up on old posts. All the best to you and Caj in ’09.

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