Stuff So Nice I Bought It Thrice

posted by Gidge Uriza

In my newbie-hood days, I was addicted to shopping but also had more than a bit of shopping ADD. I couldn’t always remember WHAT I had purchased.  A lot of this I attribute to my former crew who advised me to fill up my inventory with worthless garbage – so that the few GOOD pieces I had, I couldn’t remember their names – or where I got them, etc.

Consequently, I bought some of the same things more than once. 

This hair from Cake, and this dress from the former X3D now Digit Darkes is a great example.

Yeah, I bought BOTH of these things THREE TIMES. There are three complete originals of these in my inventory. Now of course there are many copies of many things because I save outfits but these little beauties I actually bought three of back before I knew how to do that. (Right, my friends took me around buying junk and never taught me how to organize my inventory – helpful eh?).

It’s easy to see why I bought this dress over and over though – I mean seriously…..look how cute and well made it is.  It looks like a real latex dress (ever seen one of those pop like a balloon at a club – it’s FUNNY!) And it’s got three options to the skirt. Just wear the skirt as above – or just wear the shortie prim…

or you can wear the prim ruffle OVER the system skirt for a different look.

I bought the dress originally to compliment my FIRST good skin but of course I completley forgot that when I shot this – I’ll have to drag that skin out one day to show you.

The hair I picked up when I was on a quest for every style of the tipped leaf color of hair they sell at CAKE.  In my fervor to own all of this hair, I forgot that I owned CUTIE – and bought it not once but yes, just like the dress, THREE times.

It was fun to pull out these oldies though, and relish how great they look. I can even remember how excited I was putting on this dress, how pleased I was with this short little mod hair-do.  A little self indulgent walk down memory lane – I know.

And yes, I’m wearing these fantastic earrings from Bliensen and MaiTai again – I’m suddenly addicted to them 🙂

Oh and I wanted to share with you another of my latest addictions – picking up items that have my name – either Gidge (my RL and SL nickname) or Bridgette – my proper name (no, I don’t hide who I am). So you can see why I was sooo delighted to pick up this sweet little skin at Frick – called Brigitte.

If I can find hair and shoes, I’m making an entire ME outfit. 🙂 Ideas?

Click here to see the entire Pink Lady photo shoot

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Studios.

Fashion Details (only buy them once though, really it’s enough)
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Frick Retro Pinup Peach Brigitte
Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
Hair – CAKE – Cutie in Tipped Leaf
Dress – X3D – Betty in Powder (X3D is now just called Digit Darkes)
Shoes – Coquette Noir in Baby Pink from Indyra Orginals
Nails – Love Soul French Pink
Bracelets – Fresh Baked Goods Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangles
Earrings – Bliensen + MaiTai Windchime Earrings in Shell

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  1. Harper

    Very nice. I may have done that myself recently — with a pair of shoes from Stiletto Moody! Fortunately, the second was bought at her sale, so it cost less (40% off), but even that can be extreme.

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