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LOTD – 2014 1 28

The newest release from DE Designs, Inga, sent me running to the store to grab it up (and a few other things). I love the styling of the loose wrap jacket over the tight, button down the side, leggings. They work perfectly with the slouch boots from Maitreya.

DE 2014 1 28 a

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Why Does The Caged Bird Sing ?

Why Does The Caged Bird Sing?

If you are anything like me, you have a long list of places you “used” to shop. Store from your newbie days that lay scattered behind you like the wake of a forgetful fashionista’s shopping habit. Often times, returning to these stores after years of being away is a horror – nothing has changed AND it’s BEEN YEARS. There are few things that make me pull the southern belle out to say “oh bless their heart” when a shop didn’t ever progress with the trends and fashions with everyone else. Continue reading

Two Men and a Pixel Truck

posted by Gidge Uriza

I WISH I’d had two men in any sort of truck this past two weeks as I underwent the nightmare of moving my entire life from point A to point B. But, let’s talk about the clothes and put all that ugliness, heavy lifting, and dirt behind us.

Ever go shopping with a friend whose clothes you NEVER really like?  Or maybe it’s their hair, or shoes. And they want you to embrace shop B or shop C because OMG they LOVE this place.  And are you like me? Do you FIND something to buy anyway because you know that they’ll be all depressed if you don’t buy something there? Continue reading

Don't Fence Me In

I have loved horses since I was a child with my first Shetland. I don’t completely believe in Shetlands for children. Yes, they’re small, but they are ornery. Morgans are much better tempered and don’t love to bite nearly so much. Of course, SL® horses like this appie don’t bite at all. In fact, if you fall of a SL horse, your computer needs fixing. My appaloosa comes with an English saddle so although I don’t always put on jodhpurs, I do like to dress appropriately. I thought this lovely outfit from DE Designs with a very martial cut and flair suited the occasion and the rich scarlet of the jacket made me think of English riders riding to the hounds — not that I would do that. Especially since I met a perfectly delightful black wolf named Tabitha while I was out riding at Grendel’s Children.

If you think you might like riding, I recommend going to McLean’s Horse Farm where you can get a demo horse to ride. Then (hush, I probably should not tell you this) just jump the fence and follow the railroad tracks. You can follow them through several sims. When you come to the terminus, a short fly (yes, the horses fly) will take you to another sim and the Linden Road. You can ride for hours, enjoying the scenery as you traverse dozens of sims.  There are other horse farms, but none oter that I know of with access to the Linden Road. Just don’t dismount or you will have to go back to the start. I am sure, though, you will enjoy it enough to go back to McLean’s to get your own horse that you can ride anywhere. Fair warning though, to get on the horse, you have to wear it and if your wearing a skirt, it will come off and embarrass you. 

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