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New And Old

The New Office

My busy Friday started with going over to our new office at Glookbone to check out the studios and the build. Cajsa picked up one of the more lovely buildings at Scarlet Creative for our new office, it’s got great windows for pics so I couldn’t resist firing one off. Love the lights through the blinds. Continue reading

Why Does The Caged Bird Sing ?

Why Does The Caged Bird Sing?

If you are anything like me, you have a long list of places you “used” to shop. Store from your newbie days that lay scattered behind you like the wake of a forgetful fashionista’s shopping habit. Often times, returning to these stores after years of being away is a horror – nothing has changed AND it’s BEEN YEARS. There are few things that make me pull the southern belle out to say “oh bless their heart” when a shop didn’t ever progress with the trends and fashions with everyone else. Continue reading

Don't Go Into The Dark

Or is it don’t go into the light? I can never remember which it is. Because if you go into the dark there are likely to be some sort of demons or zombies or zombie-demons waiting. But if you go into the light, then some sort of Mormon Quaker Oats man tries to eat  your soul.

At least, this is what I gleaned from Poltergeist 2. Continue reading