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Ball Gowns and Lighthouses


Ever notice that fashion editorials never seek to explain why they picture a model standing in a muddy plowed field with a hoe while wearing a lovely lace gown by Givenchy? They don’t explain because they don’t have to, that’s their magic. So, I am not going to explain why I am spinning around on a beach with a lighthouse in this gown. I just am, it’s a pretty place, the air is fresh. ‘Nuff said. The gown is one of the 45 limited release colors to celebrate the redesign and reopening of the Azul store. Get thee hence and pick up one, two or more of these limited release colors – and have a gown that after September no one will be able to purchase one just like you.

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It's the shoes, always the shoes.

Black & Gold

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

After a few days in Paper Couture, I felt like something a bit more casual. Pairing a blouse with a black skirt is as simple as it comes, but then, it felt blah…so to wake it up I dug out the Elpheba shoes from Digit Darkes. Shoes like that could free a straightjacket and wake up a corpse shroud. More photos on my Flickr

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More More Paper Couture

Paper Couture's Rosette

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Oh goodie! Another photo contest for which I procrastinated to the end. Of course, this one is for Paper Couture whose clothes I have been remixing lately. One day I will remix this one, too, but don’t be holding our breath for it.So, I need to choose a photo by tomorrow. This session I was feeling goofy and this dress made me feel even more playful so I kind of went astray with the photo shoot. I took a few conventional shots like the one above at the end in case I lose my nerve.

Opheila @ VersaillesThis session got off to the weird start after I opened this new beta skin from Free Speerit. It has tears – not the mascara dripping down your face tears, but subtle drops of fluid that slid gently down the cheeks. Tears, not a mask. The other element going into my thought process was the whimsy of wearing that ridiculous Madame Pompadour hair – the Queen of Roses. Tears, pre-revolutionary hair and a super frilly dress, where better to shoot than Versailles.

Falling in the fountainfountainBut the lag!!!! I tried walking and promptly fell in the fountain. So I decided I had to leave. I was not really going to succeed when it took 5 minutes to circle my avatar or 3 minutes to zoom a bit closer. So no more last days of Marie Antoinette, but first, I took the time to snap some shots in the fountain. Continue reading

Defiant: Stiletto Moody Photo Contest

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

About 10 PM last night a stray thought reminded me of the Stiletto Moody photo contest and I told Maht my partner that the deadline must be coming up. We dither a bit and then look at the note and it said submit by April 27th. Maht decided to skip the contest, but I decided to scramble and try to get something in by midnight.

I only have one pair of Stiletto Moody shoes, having fallen for their retro pop print and bold look hard enough that I splurged on them despite moaning about the price. The first time I wore them, however, I discovered why people are so willing to pay high prices for the Stiletto Moody shoes. First, the walk sounds that come with the shoes are natural and well-modulated, not too loud, disruptive and annoying. I am always stripping walk sounds out of shoes because their sound is too loud, but these were just right. Also, unlike many walk sound scripts, these actually stopped walking when I did. I know, shocking! Second, they fit on first try and needed no adjustments. That’s not going to make me any more able to buy dozens of the Stiletto Moody shoes, but it does make me willing to buy ones that really take my breath away and way too many of the shoes are breath-takingly beautiful.

I could not have chosen a worse time to do a shoot, i was still a bit dizzy and seasick from visiting the Escher Relativity House. A great place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there. Even cropping the photo brought back that dizzy feeling. Escher Relativity House

So, in a mood, I decided to shoot photos that reflected that mix of defiance and yuck that I was feeling and sat myself down on the splash rock in the bay outside the studio and hauled out some lightning and twiddled with the Environment Editor to get some appropriate weather and dropped my 2 entries in @ 11:59 – a second to spare. Are they winning entries? Not likely, but even so, they certainly did capture my mood at the moment and that was the contest theme.

contest entry 1

Contest Entry 2

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Marie Outfit by MG

Marie Outfit by MG

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

It’s raining and cold and I want to make it sunny in my mind — so what better choice than this sunny yellow top and spring-fresh skirt from MG? more photos on my Flickr.

Shape: melli2 by hatchy mills Skin: Amy04 by LacRoqi Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes Hair: Mandy by Muism Jewelery: lieve by Twinkeberry Shoes: Bitch Bootie by Stiletto Moody

Nocturnal Jewel by AVID

back view of Nocturnal Jewek Gown

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Isn’t this dress gorgeous? Maht, my honey, gave it to me for my RL birthday and he’s such a sweetie he scoured Second Life for some Japanese Irises and Lilies of the Valley, remembering that I once said they were my favorite flowers. You just go try to find lilies of the valley and you will appreciate how hard he worked.

It’s from Avid – my friend Arcadia’s favorite store and one where Maht buys a lot of his clothes. This is my first dress from Avid and it’s so lovely, I am sure to go for more. More photos on Flickr

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