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Paper Couture's Rosette

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Oh goodie! Another photo contest for which I procrastinated to the end. Of course, this one is for Paper Couture whose clothes I have been remixing lately. One day I will remix this one, too, but don’t be holding our breath for it.So, I need to choose a photo by tomorrow. This session I was feeling goofy and this dress made me feel even more playful so I kind of went astray with the photo shoot. I took a few conventional shots like the one above at the end in case I lose my nerve.

Opheila @ VersaillesThis session got off to the weird start after I opened this new beta skin from Free Speerit. It has tears – not the mascara dripping down your face tears, but subtle drops of fluid that slid gently down the cheeks. Tears, not a mask. The other element going into my thought process was the whimsy of wearing that ridiculous Madame Pompadour hair – the Queen of Roses. Tears, pre-revolutionary hair and a super frilly dress, where better to shoot than Versailles.

Falling in the fountainfountainBut the lag!!!! I tried walking and promptly fell in the fountain. So I decided I had to leave. I was not really going to succeed when it took 5 minutes to circle my avatar or 3 minutes to zoom a bit closer. So no more last days of Marie Antoinette, but first, I took the time to snap some shots in the fountain.

FallingOff I go to Gothika Public Park where I know I will get luscious photos of flowers – flowers on flowers. Any points I lose for lack of originality I will make up in prettiness points. Besides, you cannot go to Gothika Public Park and not leave feeling happy. It’s that kind of place.


But then I noticed the water and couldn’t resist jumping in again and that shifted my story again. From the last days of Marie Antoinette to frolics with flowers and now to Ophelia @ Versailles (pretending that Gothika is the Petit Trianon helps make that conceit work.) But if it’s going to be Ophelia, perhaps I should do some drowning pictures?

Ophelia of Versailles

More photos on my Flickr.

Styling Info: Shape: Custom by Kira Paderborn
Skin: Mara Crying 2 by Free Speerit
Hair: Queen of Roses by Paper Couture
Jewelery: Victoria by Kalista Kreations
Dress: Rosette by Paper Couture
Shoes: Marie Antoinette by Digit Darkes

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