Defiant: Stiletto Moody Photo Contest

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

About 10 PM last night a stray thought reminded me of the Stiletto Moody photo contest and I told Maht my partner that the deadline must be coming up. We dither a bit and then look at the note and it said submit by April 27th. Maht decided to skip the contest, but I decided to scramble and try to get something in by midnight.

I only have one pair of Stiletto Moody shoes, having fallen for their retro pop print and bold look hard enough that I splurged on them despite moaning about the price. The first time I wore them, however, I discovered why people are so willing to pay high prices for the Stiletto Moody shoes. First, the walk sounds that come with the shoes are natural and well-modulated, not too loud, disruptive and annoying. I am always stripping walk sounds out of shoes because their sound is too loud, but these were just right. Also, unlike many walk sound scripts, these actually stopped walking when I did. I know, shocking! Second, they fit on first try and needed no adjustments. That’s not going to make me any more able to buy dozens of the Stiletto Moody shoes, but it does make me willing to buy ones that really take my breath away and way too many of the shoes are breath-takingly beautiful.

I could not have chosen a worse time to do a shoot, i was still a bit dizzy and seasick from visiting the Escher Relativity House. A great place to visit, wouldn’t want to live there. Even cropping the photo brought back that dizzy feeling. Escher Relativity House

So, in a mood, I decided to shoot photos that reflected that mix of defiance and yuck that I was feeling and sat myself down on the splash rock in the bay outside the studio and hauled out some lightning and twiddled with the Environment Editor to get some appropriate weather and dropped my 2 entries in @ 11:59 – a second to spare. Are they winning entries? Not likely, but even so, they certainly did capture my mood at the moment and that was the contest theme.

contest entry 1

Contest Entry 2

More photos on my Flickr. Style Notes after the jump:

  • Shape: melli2 by hatchy mills
  • Skin: Este Tropicana by Imagen
  • Hair: Shaggy by Muisim
  • Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
  • Jewelry: No 112 by Kraftika
  • Trench Coat: Lima in Aubergine by Armidi
  • Shoes: Bitch Bootie (Pucci Pace heel) by Stiletto Moody
  • Pose: Long Awkward Pose

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