The One Where I Prove I Don't HAVE To Wear Pink

posted by Gidge Uriza

I can also wear blue.

Pixie from Sascha’s Designs is a formal ball gown but don’t let the name fool you. While her skirts still dance beautifully for those of you with a ball room penchant – there is NOTHING small about them. I think I’m weaing the GRANDE FLEXI. It also comes with the BIG SUCKER skirt (I swear that’s the name, or something close)  and the “WHY YES CAPTAIN BUTLER I WILL DANCE WITH YOU” Battleship Skirt.


Do I ever ever ever go to a ball? NO. Do I love putting these on and being a pretty Barbie? YES!

Pixie comes in a variety of colors from elegant black to this jewel toned blue and beyond. Go pop by Sascha’s and see what she’s made us princessy girls. It’s all good stuff.

You can see all the colors over on Sascha’s Blog.

I also got some awesome new eyes from Aimesi. I don’t really much WEAR blue but these are kind of mesmerizing in a NON-CHILDREN OF THE CORN sort of way.

Ok then, off to my non-princessy RL.


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  1. Harper

    I think I sympathize completely with this one. I love the look of big-skirt dresses — heaven knows, that’s what I model most of the time over on my blog — but I rarely wear them these days, even to somewhere like Frank’s or the Avilion Grove Ballroom. I tend to go for something more conservative (so to speak), like a mermaid flounce at the knees or below. Still, I gotta have these in my closet — my groaning, ready-to-explode closet…. (grin)

  2. Sascha Frangilli

    Lolol, yes I do have some silly names for the flexi skirts. Mainly to bring a smile to someone’s face when they click to wear one of those big flexi’s. And admit it, the Big Sucker is one hell of a big suckeroo skirt! 😉

    I have also some flexi skirts that are called Ass Swirl, Bum Train and Boobdoll….

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