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Morning Rush

I was once at a bridal shower, and all the married ladies were asked to give the future bride a word of advice. Her mother’s advice was, “Always do the dishes before you leave the house for the day.”

I thought this was the stupidest most annoying advice I had ever heard in my life. Who wants to start off their day doing the dishes? Continue reading


I spent at least an hour flipping through marketplace looking for a Halloween costume. It just seemed, I don’t know, too easy to buy a mesh avatar and call it my Halloween costume. I’m not sure why. I will probably end up buying one, because I can never settle on ONE costume.  But this morning I thought WHY NOT MAKE ONE! Continue reading

The One Where I Prove I Don't HAVE To Wear Pink

posted by Gidge Uriza

I can also wear blue.

Pixie from Sascha’s Designs is a formal ball gown but don’t let the name fool you. While her skirts still dance beautifully for those of you with a ball room penchant – there is NOTHING small about them. I think I’m weaing the GRANDE FLEXI. It also comes with the BIG SUCKER skirt (I swear that’s the name, or something close)  and the “WHY YES CAPTAIN BUTLER I WILL DANCE WITH YOU” Battleship Skirt. Continue reading