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Void Fill

PXL Creations has released a new skin with a new tone for Fantasy Faire complete with tattoos for your face if you want to embrace your animal huntress side. I’m hunting lately but it’s not an animal.

I’m hunting for something lost. I don’t know what it is, but I decided Omega Point was as good of a place to find it as anywhere. Continue reading

Fantasy Faire 2015 – Light Weaver

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Helena Stringer - Light Weaver - 1

Protector of magic,
Weaver of light,
guide us through the unyielding night.

Fly up high,
If you dare,
Shadows encroach and you must beware.

Forces unknown,
Wish to fight,
To hammer down those who shine bright.

Fear not,
One so fair,
I am here to heed your prayer.

A poem by Helena Stringer

 Fantasy Faire is only here for a short period of time, and while many of us wish it wasn’t so, and we could have the sims for a whole month, or more, it is not to be.

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Waspy Woman

Helena Stringer - IOT - Waspy Woman - 1Fashion for Life has been underway for a bit now, but you still have time to come see the venue, hunt for a few idols, bid on some charity items, and pick up some unique, ethnic inspired Couture Fashions.

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Where Sailors Fear To Tread…

I was going to invite all of you into the caverns that Mermaid Gidge calls home, but then I realized you were depending on that thing called oxygen. Why you’d turn blue and float to the top.

And then you’d be no fun to play with at all. Well, a little fun.

So it’ll be a photo-safari instead. Are you ready? Then follow me. Continue reading

Adam N Eve at Fantasy Fair – It's Not Forbidden Fruit I Promise

I really only had one thing to say when I saw the SANA release from Adam N Eve for Fantasy Faire. Pink? Sparkly? Makes my ass look fantastic?
OMG DO WANT!?!?!?!!!!!!

Funny story.

The second place I ever lived in SL was called Sana. A friend bought it and I moved there living on part of a huge swath of land he’d purchased. Across the waterway, there was a big house that he’d bought for all his, ahem – girls. He said have fun decorate your house and we’ll all live in peace an harmony.
Which was all good till about a week later when he came over and said “Gidge, I love your house, but the girls say they can’t rezz any objects. And I looked – and you’re using four thousand prims.”

To which I said “What are prims?”

Good times…………..

Good times.

Where to get it? Mostly – Fantasy Faire!

  • Shape – Gidge from Savoir Faire
  • Skin – Adam N Eve – Astrelle with Fae Tattoo Layer Makeup
  • Hair – EXILE – Liu
  • Clothes – Adam N Eve – Sana
  • Nails – Adam N Eve – Astrelle
  • poses – STATUS