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So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.

Black and white is abstract; color is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world. Joel Sternfeld

The Instruments monthly showcase is featuring designs inspired by Star Wars this month. Among the designs, you will find this fabulous gown inspired by Padme’s outfit in Episode Three. Padme’s lament, “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.” seems particularly apt at this time when crowds of people applaud the creation of databases to track people because of their ethnicity and armed vigilance committees march outside mosques and call themselves patriots. I guess those people have not studied history (or watched Star Wars), a tabula rasa of ignorance on which the future of tyranny is being written. Of course, the Force is with us all to resist tyranny by resisting fear. We know what happens when fear inspires hate.  It has happened before and if we fail to learn from that, we have only ourselves to blame.

Black and white is abstract; color is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world. Joel Sternfeld

I stopped at Winter Moon for the photos, since the dress is black and white, I thought black and white pictures would be great. By the way, I think the scarf that is part of the Padme dress may work well with other outfits. The Padme outfit includes the dress, scarf and sleeves that I am wearing as well as a crown, earrings and rings that I am not.

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Relay for Life Date Auction – Wanna?

You can win a date with me! Woo Hoo! Come on… please? Anyone? A date with me is on the auction block this Saturday, April 5th (I’ll be up between 1:30 and 3pm SLT) at the Balboa Theatre,
Relay for Life Auction - Bid on Gala 1

Wanna know more….

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You’ve got a bit of red on you . . .


The Challenge is a monthly design challenge put forth to various Home & Garden Designers from across the grid. This time around the challenge was Black and White themed, and I felt with all the Glam of Collabor88, as well as The Black Fair, it was fitting to post something from it.

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Sassy at Fashion for Life


There is so much that is smart about this lovely dress from Sassy! for Fashion for Life. For one thing, it is made in two pieces, as a top and a skirt so it can be worn separately and mixed and matched. For another, the chevron shape of the band is flattering and sexy as all get out. For another, the weave of the fabric is gorgeous and I love the light and dark threads. Continue reading

Red Hawt


Monica Outlander of MiaMai knows how to make a sexy gown and she used all her mad skills at once when producing this red hawt number. There’s the low back, the front-crossed halter and the deep keyhole bodice, the skin tight torso and hips and the subtle mermaid flare at the bottom. Any one of the elements add sex appeal and glam to a gown, all of them at once makes that gown smoke. The gown is called Kleo and comes in an flaming hot rainbow of colors. The dress has additional embellishments of diamonds and feathers at the hip and neck, but I left those off because I love how just the form of the dress itself is so very sexy.
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Lazuri at Accessory Fair


There’s something so summery and fun about a shift dress and the ones at Coco are amazing. This Red Art Print version is fun and vibrant. The picture print is so whimsical and then adding the big flowers, you end up with something that makes me smile.
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Go Back to the Accessory Fair! Now!

Indy & Co Farouk_001

If you have already gone to the Accessory Fair and think you have seen it all, you haven’t. Indy & Co. just released Indyra Seigo’s contribution to the Accessory Fair as she was ill. You are probably more familiar with her clothing for Indyra Originals, but she also has a shoe line called Coquette Noir and the jewelry line called Indy & Co. The Farouk Necklace and Earrings are a bold addition to the many Egyptian-inspired pieces at the Accessory Fair and make an elegant transition from ancient to modern fashion.

la topasienne diamrnt noir _001
I will be showing you several pieces in this post, so I wanted a perfect dress to highlight jewelry. I chose the Rosalie gown from Miao as it’s a perfect foil for jewelry with v-neckline and classic shape. It has a modern touch with a wide beaded waistband. Coming with a sculpt or flexi-skirt it allows you the option of the movement of flexi or the photographic charms of sculpts.
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