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Games You Can Play Wearing This Bunneh Costume:

  1. You can be the new cocktail waitress at the Mansion who has displeased a younger, more virile, less-colostomy-bag-wearing Hef -who has decided to punish you – in the hot tub, with another blonde.
  2. You can be the Princess who was transformed by the evil sorceress into this Bunneh/Human Hybrid who can only consumate her love – ummmm…….like a rabbit?
  3. You can be the girl who showed up at the Easter Costume Party not realizing it was a children’s event who is then, ahem, privately schooled by the hottest single dad in the room – in the laundry room away from the kiddies eyes of course.
  4. You can be the hottest Can-Can girl the day the Moulin Rouge goes ALL BUNNEH!

Or, you can simply pick up this delightfully whimsical bunneh outfit at Lemania which IS NOT FREE but benefits the Relay for Life and have your own fun.

It doesn’t even have to be pornographic.  🙂

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indicates Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Digit Darkes – UnDress – Pearl in Sunkissed R
  • Dress Including shoes and Ears – Lemania – RFL – FASHION BUNNY R
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Group Gift – Crimson – Vanilla Blonde
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain

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