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What A Day For A Daydream

Styling and trying on new things is a huge part of my job. Sometimes it seems like my waking and sleeping hours are filled with my brain just thinking about new things to wear and how I’m going to wear them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a hardship. Looking fantastic in lovely clothes is probably one of my favorite activities if the truth be told.  Today I’m thinking about my accessory choices for this amazing dress from Clef de Peau that I picked up on Fifty Linden Friday. Such a classic, simple design makes this dress a perfect piece for everyone, I hope you got it last Friday. Continue reading

Halloween Arrives

Ok yeah I got my Zooby baby a Halloween costume again. Sometimes I like dressing up my wee doll as much as I like dressing up my Gidge doll. But I couldn’t resist sending Gidge out to pull pixel single mom duty with her wee doll for Halloween. Continue reading

Outfitting a Nursery

The furniture that’s scripted to go with your Zooby baby is cute, and lots of fun for doing the “playing with my baby” kind of thing. But since I mostly don’t do that, and I just wanted to make a room to be “hers” in my new house and not have to stick her visiting Auntie Inventory, I’ve been hunting for lower land impact options.

I can still drag out the official scripted furniture for fun but this works better for me day to day.


Because it’s ONE LAND IMPACT.

Seriously, how cute is that crib for one land impact?

I picked it up on MP for 50L and it’s worth every penny. No – not scripted, but I just put her in there and tell her to sleep and she’s set until I want to get her up.  If you need scripting for your RP or whatever then, probably not for you. But I think it’s cool as heck.

You can grab it HERE on MP.

Sunday Morning Stroll

It was a beautiful morning for a stroll around the sim, and I couldn’t resist dragging out the new stroller I recently picked up. Now that we have wide spaces for walks and beautiful parks, it’s perfect. I like that you wear it, so it doesn’t matter that it’s a bajillion land impact.

The sim is beautifully landscaped and I have to admit, it’s like paradise to wander around. Lovely boardwalks, great shopping and lovely little cafe tables abound all around. Beach surrounds it all, it’s kind of Gidgey paradise. Continue reading

Easter Egging

Easter with Sophie

I decided it wasn’t going to be a proper Easter unless I fetched Sophie from vising Uncle Inventory (She was there visiting with Gogo’s baby Chris) and took her to do some Easter Egg hunting! We had to go Easter dress shopping first, and I picked her up an adorable crocheted dress and Sweet Penelope & I slipped into this lovely leather dress from Baiastice that I’ve been looking for a reason to wear.

These garden gnomes though, they seem to be confused on the HUNT concept. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day With Crochet Dresses and Bacon

Valentine_003Sophie and I would like to cordially invite you all over to our skybox on our friend Tristan’s land to enjoy some lovely bacon roses and chocolate fondue. This seems like an appropriate breakfast to me, so I do hope you’ll join us. Continue reading

Proper Trick Or Treating

Gimme Some Candy

I decided that since it was Halloween and I have a wee little baby that I bought a costume for, that it’d be fun to explore SILENT’s Trick or Treat neighborhood that is set up! It’s a great build with lots of houses.

Each house has a little NPC type thing that comes out and gives you a candy! It’s really cute, and so much details was put into each house. Continue reading

Getting Ready for Halloween

Trying On Her Costume

So I took her shopping and got her a Halloween costume. What is the point of having a pixel baby if I can’t dress her up like the wee doll she is? Exactly. THAT WOULD BE MADNESS!! MADNESS I SAY. Continue reading