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Big Yellow Taxi


Well, now that the tutorial is out of the way, I can actually work on today’s post. I am wearing the Edye hat and coat from Baiastice for Cinema! With its name and its mod style, I am assuming it’s inspired by Edie Sedgwick, the inimitable muse of Andy Warhol and Sixties style icon. It’s also very yellow. With my head already thinking Sixties, my very next thought was of the song Big Yellow Taxi.

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you want ’til it’s gone? 

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In a World of Gray


When I unpacked the gorgeous vintage-styled Vale dress from Donna Flora, I knew I wanted to style myself completely in black and white. A noir avatar in a pixel world. The effect was a fun combination of chic and shriek that had me heading to Silent’s haunted house for some pictures. The dress is a classic fitted bodice with a tulip skirt. Its most vintage elements come from the bolero jacket with the wide rounded lapels and the puffed shoulders. The floral corsage pin adds a bit more retro styling.

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Dear Prince Charming

Dear Prince Charming_004

I’m dressed and ready. I would like to dance. Or to spend some time together, alone as a couple. I would like to look into your eyes and know that you love me and that there is a happily ever after. I would like to fall asleep listening to your breathe. Please show up now.

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Seduction Liason

And now for something a little more sensual.

Today was the first time I’ve been able to make it to the Cinema Event. I know I’m a slacker but it’s not totally my fault. I’ve been having some health issues and sitting for long periods of time hurts my fucking gall bladder (even though the docs say it looks fine..LIES I TELL YOU). So, yea, I took a full pain pill and sat here and decided I WAS going to make it there and I WAS going to spend some money…and that’s what I did.

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