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The Magic Flute

It was pure coincidence that I was wearing this fabulous leather dress with feathers when I teleported over to check out The Magic Flute, but when I saw the first part of the exhibit, I thought it was too perfect for words. It made me smile, remembering a good college friend who played Papageno in a college production of the opera. I decided to take a few snaps, play the musical and remember old friends.

The Magic Flute

Papageno is the birdcatcher and the initial room in The Magic Flute has this fabulous birdcage. There’s so much more, though, you really should visit yourself.
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I didn’t know the store Jack Spoon until I saw this dress for Back to Black – the mental health awareness event that is currently hosted by Chic Management. The print is a wild Versace-esque print with a lace inset on the bodice. With the long sleeves and the high collar, there are references to modesty which take on a cheeky wit when balanced with that cutout bodice and short skirt.

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ChouChou Ch-Boogie


ChouChou has returned for a short time and I popped over to check it out. I opted to adopt their region windlight settings to see it as they wanted it to be seen. It sure is dramatic, though you cannot see my outfit. I wandered around and then noticed that their other sims were open, too, so I popped over to Babel.


Babel is also very dramatic with a seemingly never-ending stairway with lots of boxes – each with a short measure of music that affects the play of music as you climb the stairs. This is a sim that you simply must have your sound turned up so you can experience it at its best. I was wearing a sweater from Diapop for Back 2 Black – the awareness campaign for mental health issues. This sweater focuses on comfort and it really is a comfy sweater, isn’t it?
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Linn goes Back to Black

Hello, lovelies 🙂

How is everyone this fine Saturday evening? Well, in this part of the world (Southern Italy) it’s evening, while i’m writing, a snowy evening.

The Back to Black event will open its gates in a few hours and i would like to show you some more amazing stuff you will find there, but, first of all, have a look at this skin and this hair, my latest purchases:

Linn. Valentine.

Linn in Valentine by Glam Affair is available at The Dressing Room where each designer – for this special Valentine’s Collection – prepared 3 items!
The hairstyle is one of the latest releases from (R E D) M I N T and one of my favourite hair ever, i totally fell for it.

Now, let me show you some absolutely stunning items which will be available at the Back to Black event:

Linn in black

More after the cut!
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Back to Black & Stories from Home

Events All Over

Have you noticed all the lingerie lately? Well, it’s totally Gogo’s fault. I don’t know how many times I will trot out the tatas but, I thought the design and colors in this little number from Miao were too good to pass up. Besides, it’s in the Love Gacha which is sort of like playing slots, but with guaranteed prizes. It comes in five different colors. At 30L a try, you can’t go wrong gambling on this one. Besides, if you get duplicate colors, you just have some Valentine’s Gifts to give your friends. You don’t have to say you were trying to get the teal one and got 10 pinks first (not that this happened to me).

Events All Over

I picked up these gorgeous boots from Lassitude and Ennui from another event that is coming up on Feb 11th, the Back to Black event. What is so striking about this event is that items contain notecards with personal history and information about mental health concerns to promote awareness\. Mental illness can be even more devastating than more easily understood physical illnesses in large part because people don’t understand it. This is an event to increase awareness of mental health issues which can promote empathy and compassion. I think compassion is needed more than anything.

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