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Monday Can Be Date Night Too

Morning 11.26.12

I started getting dressed for a romantic evening and after slipping into some new pretty lingerie I found on marketplace I got stuck on my jewelry. I dithered for about thirty minutes about what to wear and then it hit me. Continue reading

Bathe Yourself In Light

All of the best things in my Second Life I do with Cajsa. That’s no lie. Anything awesome and spectacular started with us going “what if we did ….” and suddenly we’ve got something that makes us both squee.

This box of light is like that. Cajsa had started messing about with projectors and boxes and  then we realized that once again, the symbiotic nature of our relationship fit together perfectly – she could build it and I could script it with poses and we’d have something beautiful. Continue reading

Happy July 4th – A New Group Gift from Status Poses

When I was a kid, the 4th of July meant a huge neighborhood picnic and desserts that were only trotted out once a year for this very special occasion. It’s a comforting memory, probably idealized, of a time and place where everything was easy, and special and for one day none of the neighbors were fighting only enjoying Marian Davis’s angel food cake with berries, and pies and cookies made by other neighbors.

It was perfect and peaceful…..at least when you were six.

Sometimes you meet people, that every time you speak to them, they make you feel comfortable and happy, and even if you don’t spend a lot of time with them, every interaction makes you wonder why you don’t.

One of those people for me, is Samara Barzane.

Thanks Sam, you made my day.

STATUS POSES group is a 50L fee but members get free gifts all year. I’m like AMEX, Membership has it’s privileges.

Status Poses is located on Amira.  You can join our group by searching groups for STATUS POSE 🙂


Palm Springs Cottage by Barnesworth Anubis

Barnesworth Anubis has brought us the luxury of the dry heat and of the southwest in his Palm Springs cottage.

The patio and pool are gorgeously landscaped with local plants and it’s roomy enough to add any pieces you might have brought when you moved out west. Continue reading

A Modern Carol Brady – Courtesy of MY ATTIC at THE DECK


I ran not walked this morning to get over to The Deck to check out the new 95L sale event – MY ATTIC. It’s chocked full of awesome and from people you’ve actually heard of – like Maitreya, Exile, Idiosyncracy, Miel and on and on.

I grabbed a few things but need to go back later. However, most of my look for Gidge’s day today is courtesy of My Attic at the Deck. You can hop this link for a ride. Continue reading