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Discussions of Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young are apparently an item. This is RL gossip. We were discussing this at work, and were talking about our favorite Daryl Hanna movies. I kept thinking there was something I LOVED her in, something unlike her other work and I couldn’t place it.

Until Wicked Peach released her Extraterrestrial makeups for The Liaison Collaborative or whatever the hell the name is. TLC. That thing. Anyway, my favorite role Daryl Hannah ever played was PRISS. Continue reading

Two Men and a Pixel Truck

posted by Gidge Uriza

I WISH I’d had two men in any sort of truck this past two weeks as I underwent the nightmare of moving my entire life from point A to point B. But, let’s talk about the clothes and put all that ugliness, heavy lifting, and dirt behind us.

Ever go shopping with a friend whose clothes you NEVER really like?  Or maybe it’s their hair, or shoes. And they want you to embrace shop B or shop C because OMG they LOVE this place.  And are you like me? Do you FIND something to buy anyway because you know that they’ll be all depressed if you don’t buy something there? Continue reading