Two Men and a Pixel Truck

posted by Gidge Uriza

I WISH I’d had two men in any sort of truck this past two weeks as I underwent the nightmare of moving my entire life from point A to point B. But, let’s talk about the clothes and put all that ugliness, heavy lifting, and dirt behind us.

Ever go shopping with a friend whose clothes you NEVER really like?  Or maybe it’s their hair, or shoes. And they want you to embrace shop B or shop C because OMG they LOVE this place.  And are you like me? Do you FIND something to buy anyway because you know that they’ll be all depressed if you don’t buy something there?

I had a friend who, in my opinion, was WIDLY fashion challenged. “As in OMG Don’t let the SLFP see us together because I might end up in the pic with you and I’ll die.”

But this terribly fashion challenged friend one day took me to DE designs. Based on the way she dressed, I’d have sworn she owned NONE of their clothes but she claimed otherwise.

After all, if she was a regular shopper at DE designs why on earth didn’t she own this SUPER sweet Chanel Chablis pantsuit? It took me about 5 minutes to snap it and a few other things up when I was there.  Nice on the detail, this is a great pantsuit for strolling through galleries, going out with friends or just hanging out with no plan at all.  DE has a lot of nice pantsuits and combos like this – a great put together look with a lot of style with little to no effort on your part. Which is nice when you’re running out the pixel door.

Or, just  sitting on top of ladders looking cute.

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All Photos by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studio

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Laqroki Lucy03 Portrait Skin
  • Hair – Laqroki Silk II Sunkissed
  • Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
  • Pantsuit – Chanel Chablis Black Pantset from DE Designs
  • Shoes – Juicy Slingbacks in Peppercorn
  • Nails – Love Soul in French Pink
  • Socks to prevent melty flesh ankles – NANOGUNK (GO GET YOURS!)

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