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Las Pas in Nirvana – from Nymphetamine

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is a lovely area of the Nymphetamine Isle that has been set up as a romantic hideaway……Nirvana. I decided that since I was reshooting the beautiful Las Pas gown and lingerie (I had previously shot nothing but long hair stuck into my boobs) that I’d go give it a whirl and see what there was to see. Continue reading

I Bet Your Mama Was a Tent Show Queen

posted by Gidge Uriza

Creole Lady – from Nymphetamine might not be ordinary wearing around clothes but seriously….why be ordinary?

Once again I’m tickled by the fancy of this release and the fun details in the styling. Wanna see my tail feather? Continue reading

What To Wear on a Zeppelin Ride?Nymphetamine!

posted by Gidge Uriza

There is something just so sassy about the releases I receive from Nymphetamine. I smile as they rezz. I really love the creativity and just FUN that goes into each creation.  I have no practical use for this dress yet- I sort of think that everyone should own it, just because it’s so much fun it hurts. MY GOD just look at the bustle (I’m calling it a bustle but it goes all the way around so now I’m just making up terms. I’m American. We do that.)

This dress is a classic example of the duplicity of Victorian fashion. Demure, simple and lady like fashions were extolled (see – it’s just black and white that’s simple, right?) yet the ornamentation was just over the top to make up for the subtle fabric. Continue reading

Paeoti For Me, Please! Or – Another Celebration of My Cleavage

posted by Gidge Uriza

I got this gorgeous box of goodies dropped on me – and I first had to share with you this Paeoti – Malady Formal Gown. I swear I had to wear it JUST for an excuse to put on one of my Symphony Skins with the fantastic BUSTY option.

I mean. FOR REAL.

I’m all about my cleavage today – aren’t I? Continue reading

Purple Reign

by Gidge Uriza

I am rarely given to monochromatic power-color dressing, but when I picked up the fun ponytail at Mau and Mej’s I rummaged around to find something cha-cha to wear with it.  This fun ensemble doubles as lingerie if you lose the skirt and I love a multi-tasker (I’m a bit like Alton Brown in that fashion). 

Now if only I could find a Can Can animation.  I wore it out to an event where my friend was Djing and twirled the night away as it was – glad of the glitch pants as this skirt has BOUNCE.  Continue reading